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  1. Time travel is possible, even there are official confirmations on this topic. A few months ago, there was news of the creation of a time machine in China, but he denies this news. It is possible, though unlikely, that a time machine is being created or has already been created, but it is kept in the strictest confidence.

    The time machine was tried to be invented in the USSR: the famous Kozyrev mirrors are a good example; Evgeny Gaiduchok is a time traveler from the 23rd century.

  2. In fact, the current fundamentals of nuclear physics say that time travel is impossible, since our universe is constantly expanding, and as a possible consequence of this, planets, stars and systems are constantly changing their position in space (moving). Even if they invent a machine that moves physical bodies into the past, they will move to those coordinates in which the Earth ( or any other cosmic body) will not exist in that period of time. Plus, all sorts of third-party factors that will affect such movements are taken into account.

  3. In the usual sense-no. However, if you move fast enough or are close to a sufficiently massive body, time will flow slower for the observer (relative to the outside observer)

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