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  1. Will is the ” chemistry of behavior.” But can your left hand be stronger than your right hand? Can. In the same way, the chemistry behind your will can be “stronger” than the chemistry behind your various motivations. You have many motives, and one of them is to “be conscious”, not to act rashly. The will is the weapon of this motive, which allows it to suppress other motivations that need to be realized.

    The opposition of consciousness to being is a controversial concept that is relevant only within Marxism. Outside of it, there is no need to put the question in this way at all today.

  2. A person is a single system of will, consciousness and body.

    If there is a problem in at least one of these parts of the system, then the other two are also affected.

    The will subdues the body if the person is healthy.
    Both mental and physical pain can deprive a person of their will.

    If by “being” we mean matter, then consciousness is primary. First the thought, then the action. First the project, then the product. “In the beginning was the word.” If the body completely seizes power over the mind, goes beyond the control of the mind, then such a person degrades into a bestial state.

    The body affects consciousness like feedback in a control system: brain health affects consciousness by 20 percent.
    If being is the person himself, his will, which determines the configuration of connections in the system “consciousness-mind-will-soul-body“, the one who makes the choice. In this case, being is primary.

    A person's consciousness is information that he can have, a set of knowledge.

    The mind is a converter and processor of information.
    The human body is a material part, something that obeys (or does not obey) his will.

    By an effort of will, a person chooses information or action from a variety of options available in his mind. This information is processed by the mind, returns it to the person, and the person, also through the mind, gives a command to the body.

    The soul – a person's emotions-provide the body with energy for movement.

    The cybernetic parallel is given here.

  3. Consciousness determines Being – this is an implicit truth, from the beginning it is necessary to show the will and direct the energy of thought in the right direction, and then it will manifest in the Material World and the stronger the will, the faster the materialization. Parallel can be held, pure thoughts give good fruit and vice versa…; what you sow, you will reap.

  4. So it depends on whose will. Some are stronger, others are weaker. Everyone can check this out for themselves empirically. But there are no reasons to generalize your experience to everyone.

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