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  1. I honestly think that the human age is very long. Incredibly long. So long that the entire history of science from Newton to the present day fits into the fate of about five people who learned from each other. I could have mentioned the names, but I forgot.

    Look, there's the New Yorker magazine. It has been published since 1925. In one of the first issues: the article ” Is there a future for the phone?”.

    There is a book by Gumbrecht “In 1926”: it describes life in a wonderful world from all sides, completely different from ours.

    And there's Mary Midgley, the preeminent British philosopher. She published her first book at the age of fifty-nine, but before that she had other concerns. She's ninety-eight now. Seminars, lectures, and presentations.�

    It's six years older than a magazine discussing whether the phone has a future, and seven years older than the brave old world of Gumbrecht. And no one treats it like a curiosity.�

    Why should I think about the final when I'm still twenty-seven years away from fifty-nine, and I already have not one, but two dozen books?

  2. I have only two or three concerns about the Finale. 1. This should not happen too early to put the child on his feet in time. 2. This should not happen too late, so as not to become a burden to the child.

    I'm not interested in immortality. I watch the problem of preserving youth with interest.

    Otherwise, well, I'll die and die. I've already left my mark on the noosphere anyway, and then science will find a way to resurrect me.

  3. What about in 2050? Maybe humanity will not live up to it! At the time of the young Bradbury, many people thought that at the very beginning of the XXI century, people would already inhabit Mars. But it didn't work out.

    Life must be verified by death. Live as if you were going to die soon. This was taught by the ancients (from Aristotle to the Stoics). This means following only your main goal in everything. Then life will not seem short.

    “…as far as possible, one must rise to immortality and do everything for the sake of a life that corresponds to the highest in oneself…” (Aristotle. Nicomachean ethics).

  4. A lot of people think about this when they're actually scrolling through the finale of their story. Because no one knows the other world and what awaits after death in general. You just don't have to think about numbers. For some, maybe 2050 means something, for others it's just another year. You should try to be remembered by the new generation and at least be useful, so that the life you have lived does not turn out to be lived in vain. And even worse, if the next generations will generally hate a person during his lifetime and then rejoice in his death.

  5. What are you talking about now?In the final, prizes are awarded,and how do you know what your place is?The fact that they managed to get there, or didn't have time.You will never understand or realize this.You're not here.

  6. I am 41 years old, at the age of 35 I started thinking about the finiteness of life, and every year I understand more and more that time is running out. I want to leave something behind that will remain for centuries. So that someone would think at least for a second: “there was such a Peter, I wonder how he lived, what he thought about.” But there's nothing left. Therefore, I just try to do what I like, get all the possible pleasures and take care of my good mood.

  7. Personally, this pleases me. I don't want to live long. It's just disgusting. I'm surrounded by idiots. But I'm used to it. It remains to wait for death. Raise your children, and that's enough

  8. Don't worry,you'll live to see it…)And the final…it can be different…and who even said that it is the FINAL, and not the START to something new and unknown…?) The ancients said that each end is always the beginning of something else,a renewal …maybe you should listen to the words of your ancestors…?)

  9. Frankly speaking, I look forward to death with curiosity, this is the very last experience in life, which then will not be (there will be something else, and you are just choking with curiosity-what is there?). And I would almost just like to finish watching today's farce-10-15 years old. I think I can do it, but I don't need anything else, because I can't avoid it anyway, so why worry?

  10. The end is inevitable for everyone, this is the essence of nature. We must live so that we don't feel sorry for you, and we don't feel sorry for you. Do good things and more good things will come back to you.

  11. Will it reassure you if I tell you that I don't even know if I'll live another month?! Here we found the problem: if I live to see it, I won't live to see it. Man suggests, but God disposes. You will live as long as you are allowed by fate. I know one old woman, now she is 86 years old, so she has been whining since 60: “Well, old age has come, now it's not long left!” No one forbids thinking about the final, sometimes it even gives an incentive to take decisive action. Personally, I think about the final only in this way.

  12. I will make you happy – the Bible says that Adam lived 930 years, Noah lived 950 years, and a certain Methuselah lived as much as 969 years – the Methuselah age has been said since then.

    Life expectancy falls steadily because heavy water accumulates in the atmosphere and hydrosphere-deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen twice as heavy as protium. It was discovered in 1932 and already in 1934 they expressed the idea that the accumulation of heavy water in the body(now they specified that in the cells of the body ) leads to aging of the body. You know that all the cells in our body divide in half and two new cells are created. It is in us that the principle of immortality is laid down. From one old cell comes two new cells, from a thousand-two thousand, from a million – two million new cells and we are supposed to be immortal and have to grow and increase forever. But by the age of 25, we stop growing and grow old by the age of 50-75. This accumulates heavy water. The solution is to block the flow of heavy water into the body, into the cells. Drink light, protium, live water and you will live to the end of the century.

    Sometimes it is sold in stores and online, but there are a lot of crooks. I advise you to make light, protium, live water yourself. The principle is very simple –

    Heavy water freezes at +3.81 degrees and ordinary water freezes at 0 degrees. So it is heavy water that first starts to freeze, and if you drain the water and throw out the ice, you will have light water.

    Mountaineers from the Caucasus live for a long time because they drink thawed mountain water from glaciers. They have 364 centenarians per 10,000 inhabitants, while in Russia there are only seven centenarians per 10,000 inhabitants-impressive?

    So not everything is so sad – there is a refrigerator – let's get to work, comrades!

  13. If you think about the final, it's only out of boredom. What is the final? Just a word. It marks the border. The end of life is the last breath of life. And then what? And will it happen later? I doubt it very much. All these fairy tales describe non-life, i.e. death, in the words of life. And who knows the language of death?

  14. The thought of the finale is sad, anyway. And, probably, it's not so important how you lived, whether it was good or bad. In love or hate. Talking about waiting for death and death as a solution to all problems is vanilla heresy. I spent very little time among cancer patients and no one wanted to die there. Even the heavy ones called for their mother, but they didn't want to die. To be cured, to get rid of the torment, yes, to die no. And how can you want to, when you have so much not done, so much not said? Time is always short, and there is no place to buy a coupon for an extra couple of days. But the time that is given to you, you can live with benefits. Corny, I don't argue. You can expect great achievements, discoveries, and achievements. You can make them yourself. You can devote yourself to the people, you can family, and you can yourself beloved. You can be a great educator, and you can squeeze phones in the area. You can steer the country, or you can settle for a scooter. The main thing is not to deceive yourself, then there will be no reason to regret. At the moment, I think so.

  15. Well, I plan to live to 2050, perhaps! I am not concerned with the inevitability of the end, but with the quality of life in the future. I'm not getting any younger, I'm not getting any healthier, and I'm too lazy to change my lifestyle. accordingly, my chances of copious ailments in old age are quite high, and progress does not stand still, life expectancy (==low-quality existence in comparison with youth) increases.

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