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  1. Marriage is usually preceded by some kind of relationship and usually sexual.If a “couple” already having sexual experience approached such a “difficult” decision as marriage, then everyone was satisfied with everything.Personally, “I don't see the point in marriage if it doesn't mean “procreation”, although now ” and this is not a problem.

  2. For me, this would not be a problem – I care about the person here and now, who he is, how I love him, and not who he was before or what was in his past. Although, perhaps, I am so easy to relate to this also because I easily perceive transgender people in principle.

  3. Just today I was thinking about the circumstances under which a person's gender can be important to me. I came to the conclusion that as long as sex reassignment is a procedure that leaves noticeable traces, I would prefer to have sexual contacts with those who do not have them, but when surgery moves in this direction, this will also become unimportant. Since the question was asked about my wife, that is, about a person with whom I had already had sexual contacts and I was apparently satisfied with everything, it is reasonable to assume that the sex change was carried out using a previously unknown method that leaves no traces. Well, then, it doesn't matter what she used to be, even if she was a dog, as long as I'm fine with it now.

  4. That I'm a bit of an autistic person for not noticing such obvious things. Traces of the operation seem to be very, very noticeable, you just have to be mega-inattentive to a loved one, so as not to understand it. Fuck such close people in general, who don't care.

  5. I'm afraid that due to some anatomical specifics of sex reassignment surgery, I would have found out that the man I was going to have sex with was a woman as soon as that man got naked. (and the situation in which I enter into a marriage without having an intimate relationship with the second party, I do not even consider), so the situation in which I find out that my husband was a woman is impossible in principle.

    If I happened to be interested in a transgender person along the way, then again, the anatomical features of changing my gender from female to male would most likely prevent me from becoming so interested in them that I would get married.

    And nothing personal, just the peculiarities of my attitude to sex in general and to the penis and to the fact that instead of it trensgender people in particular.

    It's easier for boys in this sense.

  6. Just curious. Well, just like finding out that my wife was previously engaged in mountaineering. There is nothing unworthy about being a man or a woman. It's not like finding out that she was a chikatila. And in general, if you believe in the doctrine of reincarnation, we all once visited in a variety of guises. Does this somehow prevent believers in reincarnation from living now?

  7. I'll run away nafig. I have nothing to do with people of my own gender, even if they have changed the same gender for us. I prefer natural food. And, if there can still be difficulties with food, then it's really possible to get it in a relationship.

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