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  1. This quote is from his work “Critique of Practical Reason” and in it he further tries to explain its meaning: a person exists in the external world and at the same time he has his own inner world – these are the two sides of being a person.�

    The best illustration of the external world of a person is the contemplation of the Starry Sky – it is in this contemplation that the visual effect of the existence of the world as a Cosmos, as the Universe, is most expressive. The second side is the existential existence, that is, the self-consciousness of a person-in comparison with the Cosmos, with this “Macrocosm” it is a “Microcosm” that is as deep and amazing, as diverse and infinite as the Cosmos.
    In principle, Kant as a Christian expressed two of the most significant things in the universe – the Universe itself, which reflects the greatness of the One Who created it, and man as the greatest of all creatures with his self-consciousness, soul and personal inner content – with the soul. Kant talks about the most important things, isolates the most fundamental things from everything.

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