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  1. I take it this is an English-speaking character? It is unlikely that a person named Joe Black knows Russian. The probability is low. In that case, if he doesn't have an interpreter with him, I won't understand what he wants from me, or who he is. Or will it just knock? I think in the end I'll start wondering who's there and what's knocking, I'll pick up something heavier just in case (I don't know what to expect), open the door a crack, and ask “what do you want? why are you knocking?”. Then everything depends on his reaction.

  2. The usual stages that everyone goes through when meeting Joe Black are: denial — anger — trading — depression — acceptance. You need to understand that no matter what actions you take, the outcome will be the same. The hero of Anthony Hopkins goes through all these stalemates, but he does not particularly succeed — we must take an example from him: the inevitable cannot be changed, but you can try to leave on your own terms.

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