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  1. I don't know if this question has a place here, but I would ask “something” who are you? Perhaps his / her answer would give several answers to different questions at once.

  2. I thought about it, and so far, I see it as ideal not to ask something global, as in past answers. And ask something personal. It may sound selfish, but at this moment I really liked this option

  3. If such a possibility really existed…

    You can, of course, ask this:,, How to quickly earn a million?”�And hear for yourself an unsatisfactory or disappointing answer.

    But if there is only one question, then I would not want to spoil the opportunity to find out what millions of people care about with my personal greed…

    I would ask, when and how will the occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine end ?

    Alternative question: When will Ukraine join NATO?”

    Or even something global:,, When will the next world War break out?”

    Not because I'm waiting for her. God forbid!

    Just one question, but I want to hear a lot of important things. And in this way, the question posed would open the veil over the future most fully. But it can't be more important than the question. It is only a pity that if it is destined to be more than hoped for, then my or someone else's accurate knowledge of it will not turn it away…They will say slander.

  4. What is my purpose? (What should I do in this life?)�

    It probably sounds in the spirit of teenage maximalism, but the question is very burning for me personally.

  5. I would ask: what is the root cause of something? But I doubt that this ” something “is capable of knowing the circumstances of its own origin, since this is a level that is an order of magnitude more complex than the one in which the” something ” can exist.

    If there is a god, then we must assume that he has his own, more complex god.

  6. About the bitcoin exchange rate, of course. As well as other cryptocurrencies, which one of them will take off more strongly and when. And I will also ask why lilliputin does not pronounce the word Navalny

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