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  1. As I have already said, the concept itself implies not only logic, but also reality, that is, the truth or reality of something.

    However, the expression itself is not used in its usual definition, but as the opposite of ” explanation from the point of view of the influence of supernatural forces.”

    That is, the very use of this expression is nothing more than an explanation from the point of view of natural forces.

  2. Any form consists of a whole chain of concepts! Absolutely holding on to each other like links in a chain! So logic, this is the consistent understanding of one osgova, rigidly and correctly linked with the subsequent one.Which actually indicates the truth of the form! Breaking the hitch..and it speaks of the far-fetched nature of one or the other! Or about breaking this chain.there must be a solid coupling, there must not be an ephemeral projection!!! Is man descended from an ape??? Event coupling??? It's gone! And it can't be…it is precisely the understanding of these forms that proves this or that theory either true? Or in the contrivance of personal extravaganzas!

  3. This is a chain of statements that follow from each other according to the rules and laws of logic.
    Statements should be necessary and sufficient for the conclusion of the next statement, preferably as brief as possible.

    In general, I suspect that a lot of troubles in modern society are due to the fact that people do not know how to draw correct logical conclusions from certain events. And also to determine whether the statement is logically correct, which allows them to mislead and easily deceive.

  4. A logical explanation is an explanation based on the available facts (while not ignoring any of the available ones) and built according to the laws of logic.

    It should be free of contradictions and logical errors. It should have logic.

  5. Th so everything is complicated…

    A logical explanation is a cause-and-effect construct that operates with elements of a given logical model, that is, following the laws of the selected logical picture of what is happening.

    In this case, the picture of what is happening, reality, is virtual. That is, its laws are valid only if we do not question the axiomatic basis. If we do not violate the laws of virtual space, then the explanation will be logical, and if we do, it becomes illogical, nonsense, do not believe, and so on.

    If the axiomatic basis is violated, absurdity ensues.

    For example:

    1) You write: Aristotle explained gravity as the tendency of things to take their natural place. But then came Newton, who noticed that something here did not correspond to his observation and Aristotle seemed illogical to him, especially when he came up with a more logical model of the processes of moving things in the space of the Earth.

    Stop. I was lying at the beginning: Aristotle was logical, but Newton considered it illogical, because it did not satisfy the logic of new knowledge, and therefore Newton found a new logical explanation for processes. And we have given a logical explanation of the metamorphoses of knowledge from Aristotle to Newton.

    That is, the definition above is not a logical one, but a logical explanation. A logical explanation opposes logical models by contrasting them with each other and revealing the strengths and weaknesses of both models during comparison. Logical explanation – an explanation of why this or that logical model was chosen to assess the picture of what is happening, why Newton's logic is more logical than Aristotle's logic.

    2) Violation of the axiomatic basis: Christ is the son of God… And what if Christ was a woman-everything, breaking the template, the whole logical model collapses and all further conclusions are meaningless.

    And one more point, if the logic errors are nonsense and absurd,

    Then the errors of logical thinking will be sophisms and paradoxes.

  6. Logical explanation is the reduction of “unexplained” phenomena to basic axioms according to logical rules. �That is, we say that a circle is a shape where all points are at the same distance from the center. However, the concept of “point” is described in terms of axioms. If we can reduce a proposition to axioms, then we have explained it theoretically. If the phenomenon contradicts them, then this is currently an inexplicable “phenomenon”.

  7. A logical explanation operates with either everyday logic or formal logic, and is based on axioms and data obtained. If you change the source data package, its recognized interpretation, or a set of axioms, the logical explanation is recognized as incorrect and eventually changes. The purpose of a logical explanation is to identify patterns or their violations, the genesis of a phenomenon or object, cause-and-effect relationships, who is to blame, what to do, and where, for God's sake, are my glasses? Examples:

    Baba will get hysterical. There is a logical explanation for this: the man bullied her for a year. Ah, now her behavior is quite understandable.

    In the game mode, a monster appears pitch-black. Logical explanations: the author's idea, the files were broken, and the texture was killed, the mod itself is kosyachno packed, and the texture was broken, when loading the game, the texture loading drops due to a weak machine, the texture is there, but it is very dark. Irrational explanation: the machinations of evil forces and demons, the curse of the ancestors.

    Intermittent signal when observing a star. Explanations: some natural objects fly in front of it, for example, planets, the launch of a space fleet, megastructures created by extraterrestrials to capture energy, a malfunction of the telescope. Further, as more data is obtained, some of the hypotheses disappear, in particular, the last one (there were more than one telescope).

    Poverty. Explanations: government actions, vast territories, raw materials economy, sanctions, industrial decline, lack of reforms, falling oil. Surreal explanations: Zhydoreptiloids, Illuminati, obamka, lies of all beggars who are actually rich.

    The guy was left at home without his ancestors, filled up with beer, and suddenly in the middle of the night in the middle of the room there is the sound of scissors, and in the next room the ticking of a clock. Explanation: a cricket or cicada plus a woodworm larva. Irrational explanation: deep spirits from underground dimensions.


    1. Eliezer Yudkowski “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rational Thinking”
  8. This is what Florensky seems to say: “.. logical, means problematic… ” Which is what every practicing logic sees as a focus on the problem. Logic is an auxiliary tool for solving problems, and they can be from different subject areas, where counter-oppositions can form fruitful combinations of different kinds. (one female logic is worth something). Thus, the specifics of the area in which the logic is applied are important, and moreover, to whom the specific explanation is directed, whether the receiving party is available to accept all restrictions, and whether the type of prospects is available.

    Somewhere I met a description of the levels of logic, where there was a series starting with demonic, ending with meta-divine. They only differed in their attitude to the interaction of oppositions, from complete non-application, to the absolute synthesis of opposites (complementarity in the whole unified). Such initial premises give different tasks for a specific example, either I saw a contradiction and cut it down in the bud, or I started looking for a harmonious balance, or I saw it from a bird's-eye view and didn't pay attention.

  9. By phone � you are used to � ,you don't �need to объяс explain to yourself �what it is. �But �if it was for �you something new �logical �explanation � automatically be �involved.

    It's more interesting that way. So the “logical explanation” is what my mind produces when it encounters an incomprehensible object, right?


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