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  1. It is not entirely clear what it means to be “thousands of times more intelligent.” Have more information about the world? Large computing power? You can't answer without a clear definition.

    As for much more advanced civilizations, everything depends on the question of the”ceiling”. For example, if there is a certain technological ceiling, that is, no civilization, for example, can master moving faster than light, then civilizations in general turn out to be quite a local phenomenon (for one planetary system or several closely located ones). And then, in general, more advanced civilizations can exist. But – because of this very ceiling-they are not so “developed” (in terms of capabilities, they are not fundamentally different from us).

    If there is no ceiling or it is high, then we should have seen these most advanced civilizations long ago – including right here on Earth. If there are more ancient civilizations, then they would almost certainly have taken the Earth into circulation long ago – when it did not yet have intelligent life.

  2. If the answer is accurate, then it is pointless to answer your question. If you answer in general terms, then people are certainly not the crown of reason. The concept of technology applies only to material civilization. It is impossible to compare us with cosmic, especially with eternal civilizations, because the criteria of life, life values are so incomparable that we simply have no common ground with them. At the same time, we can belittle ourselves and say that we are amoebas compared to them. And space and higher civilizations will never even think so, because knowing the laws of the development of the life of the universe, they are well aware that the unevenness in the speed of development is very different. Today they are backward, tomorrow they will be much ahead.

  3. The fact that humanity radiates electromagnetic radiation into space, and there is still no answer, is like a planet of monkeys that throw bananas into space and wait for civilizations to respond. Especially if this planet is inhabited by monkeys. Moreover, we are constantly present on this planet, surrounding ourselves with an energy shell that makes us invisible. Not only that, but we've programmed thousands of years of development into their brains. Are you ready to get in touch with them, answer their curious questions and ask them your own? I'm not comparing us to apes at all, but I'm admitting that extraterrestrial intelligence interferes with our development. And the Heavenly Father (invisible to all) he breathed souls into us. It is the possession of souls that makes us unique in the universe, and attracts the attention of many civilizations. Learning about us does not require direct contact, but in some cases it is possible. But these are rather exceptional cases.

  4. Man Homo sapiens is the only representative of beings on Earth that created the world in his own image and likeness. Man is the first among the equal subjects of being.

  5. The fact that we ourselves can observe two types of thinking in the world – modern, logical and mythological, prological-suggests the existence of intelligent beings with post-logical thinking for which our mythological thinking is already ours. Moreover, we may not perceive them, but this does not negate the possibility of their existence.

  6. According to my current assumption about the level of our civilization, we can say that it is somewhere at the stage of “kindergarten”. Including, say, because the ideas of modern science about time, about the universe, about matter, about the past and future are fundamentally wrong.

  7. We won't know the answer to this question. The nearest civilization (if any) is hundreds of light-years away. Which will turn into thousands of years of real flight. Only robots can fly to us, from which you can hardly learn much. We probably won't even notice them. They'll do their scouting and fly back for another thousand years.

  8. Why can they??! There is. These are civilizations of ants, bees, etc.
    They don't need our tools. They carry all their stuff with them. They are happy because the female breaks her head for them. It is one for all and one for all. And everyone works, eats, takes care of each other and doesn't fight with each other.
    There is such a byl-fairy tale. Long ago lived Murash-huge powerful intelligent creatures. They reached the limit of their development and stopped. After that, they began to shrink and simplify until they became ants.

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