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  1. I agree with the answer above. People are cowardly and curious creatures at the same time, and they demand explanations for all their shoals. Cowardly, because they are often afraid to take responsibility for certain actions. It's much easier to blame everything on the evil one, isn't it? And instantly get forgiveness (oddly enough, from myself), muttering a super pathetic text in an initially dead language (I'm serious, Church Slavonic appeared only to adapt Greek books for Russia, it was not spoken) and taking a sip of wine and crackers. Hell, I'd live like this, but unfortunately I have a conscience. Although it is more likely that she has me for my misdeeds, but not this good-natured old man of yours. Now for the curious: people have long tried to explain everything that happens around them, it's even commendable. But, not having enough knowledge, they decided to come up with a couple of fairy tales to explain the world and its meaning. With the latter, by the way, somehow quite shabby turned out.

    People look for protection from the shit that happens to them, in everything, going to extremes. Yes, and go with the flow, when you were told in advance how to live and what a bounty of heavenly pleasure it will be for you, of course,much easier. Religion has always been the strongest lever of power, strongly influencing already not very sharp minds. And you should probably look for yourself. In this life, at least, and not wait for the seraphim to fall on you and burn your enemies.

  2. It will greatly affect if the person is strictly religious. The realization that death is the end makes you think with your own head, and not with moral norms (no, no one is going to kill, etc.), do not suffer from feelings of guilt for “wrongness” or “sinfulness”, appreciate every day, take care of yourself and your health, your family as a sure support in order to live longer. And so on. Only this will be driven not by religion, but by common sense.

  3. There are many theories and all of them somehow help a person to navigate in life, with the right attitude to them. A person can't help but think, can't help but search. A person wants to have understanding, knowledge.
    And here a very important role is played by the quality of his reflections and searches. If it's just idle curiosity, it won't make much difference; but if it's serious thinking and serious searching, it will make a lot of difference.
    Two simple examples from my life:
    – when I did not believe in God (Judeo-Christian), I sometimes thought about suicide – well, people have such cases “difficult” in life. Today I don't even think about this nonsense – no difficulties are worth it. And this is the same firm, unyielding idea about the stupidity of suicide that I learned from Menno in the Bible.
    – the same opinion, because of my faith in God, I hold about divorce. I am absolutely in favor of God's commandment-to divorce for your own convenience is a sin. Any disagreements, when they appear in our brain, you need to learn to overcome. There are ways to do this, but many people choose the” easiest ” way – divorce. People prefer not to develop, not to learn to solve family problems, but simply to follow a well-trodden path.

    In general, if you do not go into multiple details, but say briefly, it will affect, and even very much!
    And if you go into details, you can give sooooo many more examples of how the existence of God changes our lives for the better.

  4. A reasonable question and reasonable doubts. I express my personal opinion of an atheist, so I will ask all the saints to pass by.

    1. The presence of God in general may not change anything, but 99.9% of people can not even understand this, imagination and knowledge are not enough, that's such a commonplace thing. The existence of God does not mean that he looks like us, that he created us, that the Bible is true, that God cares about us, that there is life after death. These concepts do not imply each other. From the point of view of philosophy, God is the Absolute, some great power that everything or practically everything is subject to. But, it is immediately noticeable that there are no specifics, it can be anything at all. Maybe it's just some kind of physical force, a process that obeys everything that exists in the universe, or God may be some highly developed cosmic civilization. But believers are not ready to accept this version. Give them exactly what their religious tenets say. No more, no less. And they also think sparingly and narrowly. Do you believe that Heaven is in the sky, on the clouds, and Hell is above the earth, that God sits in the throne room? Seriously?

    2. If you are a believer and live according to the commandments, then you should not worry about the reality of the biblical God. You're ready for that, aren't you?” Or do you pretend to be ready? Maybe your faith is not so strong, and you are still a sinner?

    3. I am particularly moved by phrases like “if there is no God, then everything is allowed” and “if there is no God, then why should I wake up in the morning?” Very superficial judgments. Religion has brought a lot of grief to people in their entire history, and millions of atheists around the world somehow did not make our planet worse, the antichrist did not come, the Day of Judgment did not come. Humans are biological beings, the result of millions and even billions of years of evolution, and like any other living organism, they have their own expediency, meaning of existence, without any sacred tricks and religious dogmas. It was nature that gave us the biological basis for such a concept as “morality”, and it was not manna from heaven in the form of the 10 commandments to Moses.

    4. It is very convenient to pray, to trust in God, to talk about the eternal, even if you do not understand anything about it. Rather, it is especially pleasant to reason if you do not understand anything about it. It is much more difficult to live in the real world with all its shortcomings, and even more so to recognize the flaw in yourself.

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