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  1. Morality is a set of rules established by a person who is not devoid of bias and prejudice. Conscience is the voice of the heart, it is the voice that should lead the mind, unfortunately, for most people so far this is not the case.

    What is needed is not morality, but adherence to the principles of morality set forth in the Teachings, for example, in the Sermon on the Mount, or in the Teaching of Living Ethics (Agni Yoga).

  2. The rules of morality, collectively devised (and sometimes modified) by people and put into the heads of their descendants for generations, do indeed limit them, but at the same time protect them. If as many people as possible do not steal, people will be less afraid for their wallet and all sorts of expensive things than if everyone (or most people) did not care about this rule (even thieves would be less comfortable if they were in danger from a lot of other similar ones), so it is useful. The same applies to any other negative impact on a person (from murder, torture and rape to simple rudeness and those lies that are not out of politeness): if this happens as rarely as possible, people will be calmer and more pleasant to live.
    Of course, not everyone and not always follows these rules, but for the most harmful actions, people are also put in prison, that is, they are isolated from the law-abiding majority, which is only better off.

  3. There is an opinion that the lack of morality is also morality. Therefore, regardless of what you do, you will act within the framework of one or another morality.

  4. External, i.e. imposed by something / someone external-I doubt it. Moral principles that you can explain and prove” right “and necessary to follow “to yourself”, the kind of morality that you accept not because “it's accepted” or “everyone thinks so” but because you believe that following them will be better for you and others, is a great way to manage yourself.

    However, if it turns out that such your morality is at odds with the criminal / administrative code-get ready to answer.

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