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  1. When our life is not conscious, it is a dream. There are beautiful dreams and nightmares, it doesn't matter – they are just dreams.

    You can sleep for a long time, no need to wake anyone up. When we get enough sleep, we wake up-a natural process.

    What is the reality? This is not something that is described in words – it is an experience. How to get into it. The key is mindfulness. And we can do it together – become more aware.

  2. Reality is a projection of the mind!!! You correctly concluded that there is no reality, for 99.999% of people it does not exist. Is it possible to really know our world? Yes, there is such a possibility! But in order to achieve this, it is necessary to give up a lot. Perfection is the goal of earth's paths! I think you are right- – – this world has no being, it is only an allegory; from end to end its splendor is only a farce and a game. With respect.

  3. I also think so. After analyzing ordinary dreams, comparing them with reality, it turns out that the world is also a dream. In a normal dream, the situation that has arisen, if there is an emotion, then the situation unfolds, depending on what emotion. It's the same in real life. But for some reason, no one sees it. As if everything is scripted.

  4. Maybe dreams are somehow similar to reality, but do not confuse them. All things in this world have explanations, and no matter how you look at them, people have two states. Wakefulness is when you're AWAKE, and sleep is when you're essentially unconscious. The latter is necessary so that your body can at least rest. Even if you were a super-human, you wouldn't be able to post this question if you weren't conscious.

    Everything we see in a dream is the fruit of our subconscious mind.

    If you dream that something is very realistic, to the point that you can't even distinguish a dream from reality, then this is your desire. I'm more inclined to think that you just want to deceive yourself.

  5. It's always been the same for me. This is a sign that you are depressed. I went to see my father, and he said that these thoughts are due to boredom. That is, I don't do anything – so these thoughts come up😅

  6. Reality is there it always is but we almost all including me sleep and dream how we live, home family work. The reality is that the world is one and everything that exists is one, there is no separation, there is no system. Everything is intact and connected. You feel it, but you don't understand it. Something has woken up in you and wants to understand. I like to sleep like most people, but I know it's just a dream, so I enjoy it.

  7. In fact, I also sometimes, or even often, have such thoughts. That everything that we take for reality is nothing but what is displayed through our prism. And what it is-the real reality, no one knows. And really, there are some things that no one is likely to know. We can only live in “our own reality” without judging others for “their reality”, their prism of reality.

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