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  1. I accidentally came across a question that is more than four years old. I only saw six responses. Then I'll answer it, too… Rather, he would have answered if he remembered what it was like not to be born, and knew what it was like not to die. Since I don't remember one and don't know the other, I'll answer honestly: I don't know.

    However, I think this is the only correct answer, because even those who answered, answer figuratively and metaphorically, because just like me, they do not remember one thing, and do not know the other.

    Although, I wonder what it's like to die. Some promise paradise after death. I look forward to. There is not much left, then I will answer your question. Not entirely, of course, but at least half of it.

  2. Is the question caused by fear of death and loss? If from this point of view, then yes..Not born – there is nothing to lose in this life, since you do not know it. And death is a loss. At least not for the living, born flesh.

    But is this happiness? To be afraid of losing and because of this choose inaction.

    After all, birth = action,

    Life = the process of acquisition and accumulation,

    Death = loss of it all.

    While Non-Birth = inaction, lack of gains, and, accordingly, lack of fear of loss…

    Fear is one of the most powerful “absorbing”, even paralyzing emotions..

    You can live by the principle “Don't be afraid to live, don't be afraid to die”,

    or you can say, ” don't be afraid to die, don't be afraid to live.” Here everyone has their own way…

  3. Shakespeare's question-to be or not to be…No, it is still better to be born, rejoice,grieve,learn,experience, discover the secret of the universe and die with a clear conscience. How this will actually happen … maybe it will happen that you will not be happy with any life…but that's another question. But what is “not born” with the mind, of course, you can understand if you live and think,but this is pure taftology, since the unborn is nothing and it is immediately somehow insulting that I can never be in nature at all.

  4. Isn't being born better than dying? Definitely not. “To die” means that you still managed to live – that's the most important thing. In the case of” not to be born”, the tzimes of existence is absent.

  5. After all, without being born, we will not know the torments that fate has given us, right? But death will also give us rest, and what should we do, not live or die, because we will come to the same result, but death will give us rest, and not being born we will not know anxiety, love, and all the benefits.

  6. There is no definite answer to this question, but all because a lot depends on how you live when you are born. For example, here are the words that confirm your point of view:

    24 Nevertheless, the Son of man goes, as it is written about him; but woe to the man by whom the Son of man is betrayed; it would have been better for this man not to have been born.
    (Matthew 26: 24)

    Here Christ reveals that His traitor will face a harsh Judgment in the future, and therefore it would be better for someone like him not to be born. However, for many others, human life is a springboard, a bridge to a better life, to joy, peace, bliss, happiness, to Eternity, etc. So there are variations on the theme.

  7. I took the position of Taoists who believe that everything is chaos and Hell.�

    I had joy and life in my childhood. Now you can live only by turning a blind eye to this Moscow of mine. Only pain remained. I understand that everything is like a dream or the movie “the matrix”. There are only robots and zombies around. In part, this perception of the world has only caused me pain since I was a child, when I confused dreams with reality. Here explain to me how it is so many apartments in Moscow and so few offices? And statistics say that supposedly only 1% of the unemployed in the city. Give me a link to what to read on this topic…

    I want to continue my life, but not start a new one (I'm talking about children). It is pleasant for me to live remembering the past, doing my favorite things. But all through heartache. I really lost everything in my life (no matter for what reason, that's my business). I have no reason to live except for having fun. Therefore, having the pleasure, I do not regret that I was born, I live, but at the same time it is wildly painful for me to live, so I understand the existence in Hell after life, which was mentioned in the Bible.�

    I want to disappoint everyone in the dream of eternity – we all eat meat and therefore violate the commandment “do not kill”. Then breaking the commandment at the end of life we go to Hell or even just understand that everything is Hell and a dream and our past achievements fade, it's just a disaster, I can't wish the same to the new people of the planet until I understand what's the matter? Am I being played?

    It's better to be born and not know what pain is.

  8. It is better not to be born. Definitely better.I hate to look at my friends ' graves.At least don't live.And so it will be in any case.At least somehow.And my children don't need to live in this world

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