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  1. No. This question is incorrect. I would describe it even more crudely-verbiage. Does the end have a beginning? Will you be happy if you cancel Mondays? And similar nonsense.

  2. precisely, Nothing is the absence of any part of Everything. if we take the series -1, -1, -1,-1,0,1,1,1, then zero is the absence of one, but part of the total series of numbers.

  3. We can say that nothing is the potential state of everything. For example, there is a calm lake. Not even the smallest wave can be seen on its surface. It's such a wave-like nothingness. When waves appear on the surface for some reason, different shapes appear out of the blue. That is, the potential of wave manifestation is realized. Or another example. The void inside the teapot is determined by its shape. The teapot is made so that it has the potential to be filled. When we pour water into the kettle, this potential is realized, and nothing inside is replaced by water. If the teapot was different, the emptiness inside it would be different, the potential for fullness would be different.

    And vice versa. Everything has the potential to go into a state of nothingness. All composite structures will eventually disintegrate, and the vibrations will fade. The energy goes into a state of potential energy.

    There is an opinion that the observer's consciousness can start the process of forming something out of nothing. That is, if a person looks at nothing, then nothing will cease to be and something observable will arise. It is as if a person is floating on a lake on a boat, trying not to create waves on the surface. He would not have succeeded, because the lake and the person are mutually conditioned.

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