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  1. Time in the prism of the human psyche is a dimensionless concept. I'm very afraid of trite misrepresentation, but… once the father decided to put up with his adult son, And he had remarkable strength. I took him by the forelock and dipped his head in Balinese water. So that he doesn't drown. My son was immediately struck in the head as if by lightning and suddenly found himself on the urban outskirts of a medieval city. This is followed by a whole multi-page story about his life. He got married, had children, opened a butcher shop, and became a good Catholic. Once, while walking in the woods, I came across a well. I was surprised. I decided to try some water and bent down to drink it. I slipped and fell headfirst into the water. At that moment, his father pulled his head out of the balia and asked, ” Well, now you finally understand what a man feels when he lies…. You know, I was under water for no more than a minute, but I lived my whole life.

    This all means that time is a sequence of events. The speed of these events in the human mind has no limits. The perception of this phenomenon is individual.

  2. It is difficult to answer for other people, I think it is necessary to ask them themselves.

    But if we speak from the Christian point of view, then the soul of a person after the death of the body goes to heaven or hell.

    But the question is not about death, but about clinical death, that is, temporary death.

    So why did many people who experienced clinical death not see heaven or hell?

    Yes, everything is simple, if the death was clinical, then temporary, and if temporary, then God knew that a person would remain alive on earth, so why take his soul to Heaven? (After all, if God took the soul, then this is no longer a clinical death, but a real death, and such a person will never be able to come to life).

    And so, in clinical death, a person seems to switch off, as if sleeping, but then wakes up.

    Therefore, when Christ raised Lazarus, he could not tell about hell or heaven, but simply came to life and went.

  3. This means that they perceived tacos and nothing more. Time is everywhere, in all dimensions of the physical density of space. Everywhere it is different, even in our density it is different for everyone. Time tending to a point is also time.

  4. What's not normal? Our quantum physicists are making up other things… But seriously, without these assholes. It depends on who survived clinical death, and how far away. If they have come in contact with the world of God, then there is no time there. This is what He says in the Bible. In absolute terms, ANY point is identical to ANY other. At any point, you can be EVERYWHERE, both in space and time. At one point, the entire history of time. Do you understand that? I'm not. But it turns out this way. At least in my dreams. You can stay in the strangest places, regardless of the time. Does that mean anything to you?”

  5. It seems to me that this is evidence of the fact that after death a person is waiting for eternity, eternal life.

    There won't be any more time. Revelation 10: 6

    During clinical death, people were able to visit another dimension, the spiritual world, because they were free of the body.

    I know a man in Christ who, whether in the body — I do not know, or out of the body — I do not know: God knows — I was caught up to the third heaven, to paradise, and I heard unspeakable words that cannot be told to a human being. 2 Corinthians 12: 2,4

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