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  1. This can be understood. Endless life is also endless possibilities.

    On the one hand, there are people who say that life should be valued precisely because it is finite.

    And on the other hand, why do anything at all if everything then becomes dust(and you and what you were striving for and doing)? This is in a sense the absence of a certain stage: That is, you suffer all your life you try and that's all =)

    Time destroys everything.

  2. Any master will not make a very complex and time-consuming product that will exist only for a very short period of time – this is unwise and irrational.

    Nature is much smarter and more optimal than any Craftsman-it creates its own products for a very long time.

  3. Imho, this is exactly what begins the disappointment in life and the statement of its meaninglessness – you suddenly realize that you will die, moreover, the Sun will explode someday, and all of humanity will die. Then what's the point of building a sand castle?

    When the question is already asked, immortality in itself does not make sense of life, it only makes its meaninglessness not obvious, because the argument that everything will go to waste is no longer there. But the question remains, what is so valuable that you can devote an entire endless life to it?

    Well, from here it is a very long way to understand that there is meaning even in a short human life.

  4. Well, this is the whole essence of humanity – we don't know what will happen after death: maybe all that information (experience, skills, knowledge) that is accumulated and acquired over the years will not be saved somewhere in the form of an impulse, but will stupidly be scattered to the wind. If this is the case, then there really is no meaning in our lives. Just imagine: you just achieved something through long efforts, learned something through long searches, it would seem that a new, huge path for studying and learning opened up before you, and then bam, you died. Because soryan, but we don't live more than 80. As far as I remember, Orochimaru himself had exactly this in mind, because he was greedy for knowledge and any information in principle.

    Another thing is when you are immortal and get sick with some syphilis or other destructive disease, that would be a success, of course.

  5. “meaning” is always a certain thing. the thing is specific and sets the framework. what is the meaning of infinity other than existence? and this is not a definite thing. what's the point of existing ? this is just a condition of materiality. the life of an individual cannot be infinite, it is meaningless.

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