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  1. It's really hard, because everyone has a different sense of humor. In my opinion, if you take different times, then something like this will happen:

    1. Charlie Chaplin (anyone)
    2. There are only girls in jazz

    3. The Taming of the Shrew

    4. Recruits go to war

    5. Monty Python
    6. This crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world
    7. Infernal stage (probably the funniest one on the list)
    8. The naked gun
    9. Mask/Ace Ventura
    10. Grand Budapest Hotel
      Or find any rating of top comedies (IMBD/Kinopoisk)
  2. IMHO, it turned out mostly patronymic

    1. Gentlemen of Fortune

    2. Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession

    3. The Caucasian Captive

    4. Mouse Hunting (amer.)

    5. Films about the gendarme (fr., with Lui de Funes)

    6. Salvation Army

    7. Hello, I'm your aunt

    8. Toy (fr., 1976)

    9. Striped flight

    10. Taxi (French)

  3. 1. Why him?
    2.The Brothers of Grimsby
    3.Movie 43
    4.Super babysitters
    5.Super babysitter 2
    6.Super alibi
    7.Scouts vs Zombies
    8. Spy
    9.Catch the fat lady if you can
    10.National security

  4. Top 10 best comedies according to me:

    1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    2. Keep yelling

    3. Black cat, white cat

    4. Log in and out

    5. Finally safe!

    6. Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned Not to Worry and Fell in Love with the Atomic Bomb

    7. My friends

    8. House (the one from 1977)

    9. Army of Darkness

    10. Don't be afraid, I'm with you

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