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  1. Well, here's how to see more. What is meant by “male transvestite”? If just a man disguised as a woman, who not only considers himself a lesbian, but in fact prefers the female sex, then conditionally of course you can call him a “transgender lesbian”or as they wrote above. Let's say that aliens who do not have a division into m/w have visited us, will these conventions be important for them? No, for them it will be an ordinary male.

  2. In response to this question, I would advise you to watch Xavier Dolan's film “And yet Laurence”. Here is just a very detailed answer to the question asked:)

  3. Horses and people were mixed up in a heap…

    First, you need to define the terms.

    Sexual orientation — the direction of sexual attraction (hetero-, homo-, bi-, a -).

    Gender identity — (from “gender” — social gender), a set of culturally determined characteristics associated with a certain gender (for example, cisgenderism-social gender corresponds to biological, transgenderism — social gender is opposite to biological, agenderism — social gender is not defined or is outside the framework of the binary definition of “male” and “female”, bigenderism — social gender changes from male to female and vice versa, genderqueer — other variants of social gender).

    A transvestite is a person who dresses in clothes of the opposite sex. This is not a gender identification or direction of sexual attraction. This may be a cisgender heterosexual, for whom the very fact of dressing up is important as an element of a certain “carnival”.

    “A man who considers himself a lesbian” – here we are probably talking about a transgender woman (whose biological gender is male), whose sexual orientation is lesbian (female homosexuality).

    “Straight” — nouns, units, husband. gender is a colloquial definition of a heterosexual (in the direction of orientation) man. The female version is “straight”.

    The answer to your question is: no, you can't. The correct definition is transgender lesbian.

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