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  1. To learn how to spin, you need to learn how to push and spin yourself, i.e. constantly broadcast in your brain that you need to do something, do something useful, interesting, bring this business necessarily to some intermediate result, move on to the next one, be dynamic, mobile, be able to inspire yourself for small feats, achievements, tasks, inspire others with your example. Look at the world with a sharp eye, follow the environment, be aware of what is happening. Be mobile and alert. Do not relax to such an extent that then you can not gather yourself into a fist, do not turn into a vegetable, know the measure in entertainment and recreation, learn to get high from your activity, activity.

  2. I understand this proverb as follows: if you want to be happy, try to match the changes in the external world. Since the world is constantly moving forward, you need to keep up with it. If a person tries to take a simple stationary position, sooner or later he will have to leave this familiar place, because the world will not stand still. For example, a person turns some screws for twenty years, then suddenly it turns out that no one needs these screws anymore, and the person is not ready for the development of events. Therefore, in order to avoid lagging behind time, you need to develop, always try to learn something new, acquire new skills, master additional professions, and learn how to do as much as possible on your own. In addition, you should try to maintain friendly and friendly relations with as many people as possible, try not to quarrel over trifles, support friends during crises, and do not hesitate to ask for help in a difficult moment. You need to carefully monitor changes, be like a weather vane, not go against external forces, but adjust the vector of your efforts so that it is easier to cope. If earlier people needed to turn around in order to notice a predator or prey in time, now people need to react in time, monitor such things as currency exchange rates, fuel prices, housing and communal services, food, and medicines. Here the Taoist parable in the interpretation of Bruce Lee will be appropriate: “Empty your mind. Become amorphous, shapeless as water. When water is poured into a cup, it becomes a cup. When water is poured into a teapot, it becomes a teapot. When water is poured into a bottle, it becomes a bottle. Water can flow, or it can break. Be water, my friend.”

  3. Once a day for five minutes to rotate around its axis clockwise and the same amount of counterclockwise.

    You're great. Spit it out.


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