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  1. A phrase? As erroneous. Just because�

    1) a person has no instincts. There are unconditional reflexes. There are no instincts; well, we are not ants.

    2) There is no such characterological trait: “loyalty”. There is conservatism-yes, well, a conservative person is not something that does not change (three ha-ha!), that's what is much more likely to leave his mistress than his family, that's right.

    Well, loyalty without a decision, not as a result of reason and will – this is rather inexperience. Not really tempted – that's the “flint”. It's like a” highly moral ” friend who doesn't take bribes. True, no one has ever offered him))… – And then it is for the time being: before a serious crisis in the relationship, before the temptation during such a crisis.

  2. When we are correct because we expect something in return, some benefit, then this is a “matter of reason”.

    And when loyalty comes from our very core, when we are loyal (to a person or idea) with all our heart, with all our being, without evaluating the benefits, then this is true loyalty.

  3. To be true or not true is a choice of the mind, as I understand it.”What is good and what is bad.”On the basis of these concepts, character develops, again, reason, the Lord God leads in two ways, a person is given freedom of choice, followed by a reasonable or unreasonable choice.Depends on the age or habitat.God has marked the boundary between good and bad.Instinct-the “basic instinct” – the instinct of self-preservation, when abused, the instinct of self-preservation is lost, and the”Pursuit of one's passions begins.” (Holy Quran).People were given the idea that the” basic instinct ” is the instinct of reproduction(so that the human race is preserved).And many people use it right and left,”Satan has embellished their deeds for them.” (Holy Quran.), and came up with a beautiful name- – – “freedom of love”, and as a result,ordinary fornication,with all the ensuing consequences(illness, death).It's an unwise choice.In short,wherever I was, loyalty was welcomed everywhere,I understand it as – – – a good,good deed, ORIGINAL.

  4. Well, this is probably because if a person is faithful to something for conscious reasons, that is, reasonably – he will always be faithful for free, for him treason is unthinkable.

    But if loyalty comes from the inability to do otherwise, from psychological peculiarities, that is, it has its price: it is necessary to constantly support the being in a state in which there is no other alternative for him than loyalty.

  5. “A matter of instinct and character” that is, loyalty is natural, you are not interested in anyone but your partner; you do not want anyone else; you do not want to have a replacement and all these thoughts do not arise in your head at all. You don't even think about it. It's like touching a hot object and pulling your hand away without thinking about it, you don't send a signal to the brain to “take your hand away”, it happens by itself.
    But when you start denying yourself in your head, counting the number of times you've wanted someone else but turned them down, constantly keeping in mind “I already have, I can't”, then it really becomes a matter of reason.

  6. It seems to have been studied. Among men: 35 percent are “walking”. The others have a “loyalty instinct”. It works like this. Visual touch is not disabled at all. All normal men always stare. “

    Wherever you go,
    Even on a love date,
    What kind of heart would you have in your heart
    You are the innermost dream, —
    But when you meet her, confused, you
    Suddenly you stop involuntarily,
    Reverently worshipful
    In front of the shrine of beauty.

    “There's nothing you can do. From personal experience: a man FIRST looks at an interesting girl, and then understands what he is doing. Everything happens very quickly. But. 65% of men have a “loyalty instinct”. If they are in a relationship: this instinct makes them keep their distance from other girls. Don't get too close. Purely physically. It is curious how this instinct was formed then. If according to Darwin. I wonder if primitive girls beat their men in the head with a stone axe, in certain circumstances. Although it can: the offspring of strollers survived worse. One way or another: if you get a man from 35%: either you need to mentally switch to polygamy, or drive immediately: this is not treated.

  7. The question is so vague , one word-philosophy . Loyalty to what-to the motherland, to your views, to a person, to your memory ? If we talk about loyalty to a person, it depends on the moral views that are embedded in each individual and what each has its own morality, as well as the truth .

  8. I understand that as long as a person does not think about treason , he is truly faithful, and when such thoughts arise, then no matter how reason, morality and a stamp in the passport are restrained, this is not the same. In other words, there is no sense in love and loyalty if they do not come from within, but obey external decrees (including your own mind)

  9. Loyalty is a choice that accompanies the concept of “love”.�

    And, “love” is first of all, responsibility, responsibility for a person and before a person.�

    It's simple, ladies and gentlemen.

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