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  1. Karl Marx is a materialist and a determinist. For him, matter is an eternal substance that develops itself according to dialectical laws, generating everything from itself. In fact, K. Marx has matter = being. In Heidegger, the key concept is “here-being”, that is, existence, the being of a person. Simply put, in Karl Marx, man is the totality of all the previous dialectical development of matter, structurally organized matter, in Heidegger, the world (matter) is separate, external, and man is the core, his being is the main, since through his being, through his eyes, we know the world. And U. K. According to Marx, the world forms a person, and then a person reflects the world, a person is secondary to the world. Heidegger is not a dialectician, he is a metaphysician, an idealist, and this is different from Karl Marx.

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