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  1. The question is asked in a vulgar form; it would be more correct to say: “What is this?”,since it implies the exchange of man with nature, history and consciousness of humanity in its sensations of these elements of the material world. The question”Who is this?” it gives out the author's “ears”, which, figuratively speaking, grow out of objective idealism or religion(assumptions about the existence of a supernatural being).Since V. I. Lenin was a materialist to the core, it is not necessary to compromise his definition by such a question.It is necessary to understand the spirit of the teaching itself, and not to find fault with the form of definitions; this is an empty task, since any concept is in development.It is not the Leninist concept that irritates, but the feeblemindedness of the epoch, which scoffs at the single definition of matter as a scientific category.

  2. And sensations are also reality, so both sensations and reality prove that outside of reality there is Someone who designed and created: both us, reality, and our sensations from reality, in which it is naturally given to us. How a well-made thing proves that it has an author.

  3. Our signal sensations are, of course, given to us by nature itself. Actually, these are biophysicochemical processes – that's what sensations are. Nature has “commanded” man, as well as any other living being, to successfully feed and successfully reproduce – as soon as the success of these processes is disrupted, the living thing dies. You can also say that sensations are a product of the biological evolution of living species. They guide the living from the dangerous to the useful. Of course, the mystery of the origin of life is still not fully solved, but a lot is already clear. It's not that I don't believe it, I just know that life on earth appeared without the processions of someone who doesn't know why. But I fully respect humanity – promoted, say, by Christianity-if it is in deeds, and not in words. A person is a friend to another, a comrade and a brother – whether you are happy about it or not. And if you are not happy – you are not a person – but a reptile. I repeat that without the conscientious cooperation and mutual assistance of people , we would never have defeated German fascism. And these relations of people in the USSR before the war-we nurtured then under communist atheism. My own grandfather was born in 1890. I was a believer all my life, but I always voted for the Communists, precisely because they promoted humanity in people's relations. Internationalism. He had a friend from Germany, the German Kurt Benewitz, with whom he corresponded and who, as a socialist, was put in a concentration camp by the Nazis. But he survived and he and his grandfather met after the war in Moscow. The need for friendship, cooperation-all people also have by nature, (the Brotherhood of the human spirit)- and only in it is the salvation of humanity from self-destruction.

  4. Given by the laws of nature. All our sensations are an electro-biological, chemical, and physical process. Life, biology is the highest (in terms of complexity) – organic chemistry. And chemistry is the most complex physical interaction of electric charges. And there are only two of them. Plus and minus. Therefore, all these difficulties are already quite often and successfully unraveled by a person today. Of course – we don't know all the secrets of the laws of matter yet, but we are learning more and more of them. And we manage to use this new knowledge to build powerful devices and machines-which people from the Middle Ages or even from the 19th century-could not have called anything other than God's miracles.

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