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  1. I think that the mind is a harmonious union of mind and emotions, which is our tool of knowledge. This is the most complete picture of the world for a person – and we, humanity, should strive to be as reasonable as possible.

  2. The mind is the most important category of life, which remains misunderstood despite the thoughts of geniuses of the past. The concept of “intelligent person” is relevant, but misleading. A person is not intelligent, a person, persona, etc. from birth, he becomes such on the basis of upbringing (socialization). According to Kant, reason is the highest form of spirituality, a mentality based on the series of feelings-reason-reason. According to Hegel, people have not yet been enlightened. The attribute of reason is the ability of logical-dialectical thinking as the basis of an essential (essentialist), theoretical understanding of reality. Master the power of logical thinking and become intelligent. Everything you need for this is available and you can easily and quickly master it, but the principle of “with whom you will lead…” is relevant 24.02.2021

  3. Mind – – – this is just the mind! The Buddha expressed this thought: “In the mind, the mind is not to be found, its nature is clear light.” In the fact that the mind is our happiness and our curse, I do not see sense, what either to say, but I know something else, that a person can not create anything and in any way he can not discover anything. All that man has known or discovered is a pligiate from nature. “What has been is what will be; what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” The Old Testament.

  4. This is exactly what comes to mind for an ordinary person. As you apply it, so it will come out.After all, life itself repeatedly shows the correctness or fallacy of human actions.

  5. People are already saying: they are going to fly to Mars, but on earth they can't organize a decent life for people-so is there a mind on earth? If they say that you are poor because you are not smart enough, and those who consider themselves rich destroy the land for their own gain, then do those who saw the branch on which they sit have any sense? I really hope so .”..reason will someday win… ” … they will see out of the darkness.

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