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  1. Perhaps we should first clarify what kind of believers we are. What they believe in, who they believe in. If the speakers were Christians, it is likely that their general train of thought went along the following lines.

    1. I am a Christian and my ultimate goal is deification, theosis.
    2. It is difficult, it is not easy, for this you need to improve yourself all your life with pain and then correcting your own shortcomings, and besides, to achieve it, you need to die. At the same time, it is also desirable to die correctly, and not anyhow. Self-sacrifice is the best choice, but the Eucharist on your deathbed is also good.
    3. If transhumanism were a possible choice for a Christian , it would be a monstrous temptation. The temptation to choose a much smaller prize and abandon the attempt to perform theosis.
    4. Thus, a Christian who soberly assesses his own firmness and the strength of his faith sighs with relief: “Thank God, transhumanism is impossible.” Such a sigh is more likely to be not gloating and wishing everyone to die in agony, but a kind of thanksgiving prayer that answers the words of another prayer, namely, ” and lead us not into temptation.”

    I hope I managed to convey the essence of what exactly they give glory for and dispel the misunderstanding that has arisen.

  2. Good day.

    Praising God for the failures of transhumanism is quite reasonable for a believer. Why? I'll try to answer that.

    1. Transhumanism is essentially an anti-Christian teaching that removes from its foundation faith in God and in the coming Kingdom of Heaven, but sets goals for achieving human immortality in earthly life. From a single source on this topic:

    They (transhumanists) do not like the “life of the future century”, they want to preserve themselves here and now. Life is not considered by posthuman constructors as a time of preparation for a meeting with God, illnesses are not evaluated as spiritual trials designed to expose the soul and force a person to think about the vector of their own life through the weakness of the flesh. Suffering is understood as a misunderstanding, and not a logical whip for proud pathology, which, due to its original damage, must be pacified. In the world of transhumanists, God either does not exist, or the idea of Him is very distorted, so a person inevitably strives to take His place, to “build a new world”.

    From this passage, the obvious conclusion is that transhumanism is a substitute for Christianity. To achieve eternal life, a person does not need to believe in God, do not need to strive for moral purity, but it is enough to have the necessary finances for transhumanist scientists to give a person immortality in this life.

    1. Transhumanism and Christianity are not compatible teachings, which means that a believer has no moral right to use, so to speak, the services of transhumanists:

    a) Death is the definition of God, which arose from the disobedience of the first people: All flesh, like a garment, grows old; for from time immemorial-the definition: “by death you will die”. Ser. 14: 18. The end of death will come according to God's decree after the resurrection of the dead. Therefore, just as God has determined death, so He will abolish It. What is ordained by God must be observed by the believer.

    b) A believer cannot have any dealings with the lawless: Do not bow down to another's yoke with the unbelievers, for what is the fellowship of righteousness with iniquity? What does light have in common with darkness? What is the agreement between Christ and Belial? Or what is the complicity of the faithful with the infidel? 2 Corinthians 6: 14-15. From the standpoint of Christianity, transhumanists are lawless people, because they do things that are forbidden by God.

    1. Transhumanism does not solve the problem of death and suffering. In this matter, he is powerless against Christianity, because the active Christian faith gives a person not only salvation in eternity, but also a certain moral perfection in earthly life, from which life in society is created (the more morally healthy people live in society, who will do many good deeds to people around them, the healthier society will be). The history of the Christian Church has shown us many examples in life, when Christianity solved the problem of suffering and spiritual death with many people, giving them a new and joyful life in Christ Jesus. Because the healing of the soul is followed by the healing of the soul is followed by the healing of the whole person. Without solving the problem of evil, the immortality of individuals in society will not solve anything for the better. There will also be crimes, suffering and death. Even an immortal person can be killed by violence from outside. As long as there is evil in this world, human life will in most cases be miserable, especially when you consider that many people will prefer transhumanism (especially when achieving impressive results) to the belief in the living God, the Source of joy and eternal life.

    2. Transhumanism will not only lead many people away from accepting Christianity, but it will also lead believers to deviate from the law of God. Man by nature does not want to die, he wants to live on and therefore he can exchange a natural life with God for an infinite earthly life without Him (although of course it will not be infinite for many reasons, but it will be very long). That is, transhumanism will be a great temptation for believers. This is noted by Professor of theology Alexey Ilyich Osipov in one of his lectures.

    3. Transhumanism, when implementing its main practical goals, can be called the most dangerous stage of the development of atheism or the idea of an autonomous human kingdom from the Creator. And the laws in this kingdom will not be God's, but human, when many crimes will become the norm of life.

    4. Based on all that has been said, I will make generalizing conclusions: transhumanism, under certain circumstances, will first discourage many who want to come to the Church, secondly, it will reduce the number of believers themselves, thirdly, it will contribute to the spiritual and moral degeneration of society, and fourthly, it will accelerate the coming of the Day of God's Last Judgment.

    I think after all that has been said, it becomes clear that we are faithful Christians who do not want people to suffer and suffer, but we want people to get rid of this by believing in the One God. For us, this is the only true path that gives us a full and joyful life in love already in this life…

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  3. Yes, I assure you, as soon as there is a prospect of extending life for several years (especially if for several tens, or even hundreds), even orthodox believers will find excuses and tricks to go for it. Transhumanism is no exception, although we must admit that it is indeed impossible… while.

    P.S. I have never heard believers say that, most likely, most of them do not know such words.

  4. Thank God it's about something else altogether. A deeper concept that is based on a certain principle and does not mean the same thing as what is currently meant by it. What more specifically is this very Glory (except for a simple expression of gratitude) is not understood by all believers in God. Well, it can't be helped, believers are all different, believe in different things and speak differently too. Maybe one of them said something like that. The crux of the question is most likely not about this, although it is directly related. Transhumanism is definitely possible if not based on the current moment in time. This is not to say that it is impossible in principle, it is like refusing to see with the help of reason. Immortality can be achieved not only by biological evolution, but even by technical means. This may happen in the future, but will it? This is a big question and not everything is as clear as many people think. If we allow for the possibility that we will achieve something extremely difficult ourselves, which is not achievable by the efforts of fools alone, then why do we violate the principle of analogy, thinking that in another matter, everything is arranged more simply. Did the fools arrange this? Obviously not. The future is not predetermined. Soon science will prove that time does not exist objectively, it is a subjective characteristic of the observer's consciousness. However, this characteristic can be either consistent with a similar characteristic of another observer, or separated from it. And there will be different results. From an infinite number of possible futures, we can choose a different one. All the options are already available, but which one is implemented specifically for our density depends on our conscious decisions. Perhaps we will destroy ourselves sooner and our world will cease to exist. Another dead-end development branch is formed, of which there are many. But now we are moving along just such a technocratic path and assume that we have not destroyed ourselves and even achieved this very transhumanism. The principle of transferring consciousness to another biological medium is used. A cast of a person's consciousness is formed in a new body. Sometimes the functions of the body will be limited, and the consciousness will be tied to them. Sometimes the bodies will not be attached to the consciousnesses and after physical destruction, the consciousness will be restored in a new body. It will even be possible to look into the past along a certain line (density). Move such bodies back in time of the object through the space of space. Everything seems to be normal, but we will not simplify and accept only the pleasant. People have stopped aging, people have stopped dying, but have they stopped suffering? Are they still human? Have they continued to live, or will it no longer be life? These are not all the questions that can be found here. After all, the direction depends on consciousness. This consciousness gets used to controlling in a certain way. What are your current management practices and why did you think they would change later? If we get used to looking with one eye, then no matter how many eyes we have, we will still only look with one. You can develop a technique, but you can't depend on it entirely, be its slave. These toys can also be selected to show us their true value. But even if they do, we'll still grow up with one eye. The majority will not only suffer and suffer, they will find themselves in eternal slavery, dreaming of liberation. So we need to give up all the equipment and go into the woods? Yes, but only if we want to go blind in the other eye. Therefore, everything needs balance and balance, and it is not born in consciousness by itself. Don't oversimplify, it wasn't fools who worked on the world at all, they definitely saw their goal.

  5. Thank God for all his deeds. And he does only good, he does not know how to do evil. Sickness and suffering have nothing to do with God. this is the work of the devil. Or our stupidity.

  6. For the fact that social inequality is not preserved by immortality. For the fact that a person, knowing the finiteness of his existence, appreciates every moment of life. For the fact that future “Hitlers” will not be able to ruin other people's lives forever, having a pack of bodyguards and medical immortality. For the fact that the birth of children makes sense and brings joy, which will be lost in the absence of deaths. For the fact that we have the prospect of career growth, since older people retire, and do not hold managerial positions forever.
    Believers do not speak of death as the end. For believers, death is a temporary sleep before heaven and earth change. Before they are resurrected to live in new conditions in which there is no longer suffering, no aging, no death, but only endless self-development and happiness.

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