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  1. https://www.youtube.com/embed/bTibbipkoIk?wmode=opaque

    First of all, this is sharpey. Second, this is one of the worst questions in the history of the TV game ” What? Where? When?” is a textbook example of the “coffin” -a “no-brainer question”, to which even the most intelligent experts will not find an answer in a minute or an hour.

    Worse, perhaps, was only the question of where, guided by the road sign “slippery road”, experts should have come to “Japanese sliding underwear”. If I were the editors of the program, I would basically limit the number of questions related to the quirks of associative logic of the Chinese and Japanese.

  2. As the previous speaker correctly pointed out, the Chinese logic in this matter is really not obvious in any way, without knowing what ordinary sharpei means, you will never guess. The difference in the perception of visual images also plays a role; if a European uses the word “dragon” to represent something like a Tyrannosaurus, but flying and fire-breathing, then a Chinese is more likely to represent a gigantic snake, etc.
    So it is not surprising that Chinese dog breeders have a description of the breed in such terms:
    Let's translate – ” The most exemplary appearance(sharpei – approx.) should be as follows: his ears should look like shells, nose-like a butterfly, head – like a melon, muzzle should be like an old woman's face,neck-like an ox, backside-like the croup of a horse, and paws – like a dragon. His lips should be quite wide and very full, like a hippo's mouth.”

    By the way, the riddle itself is not new, even flashed in ” What?Where?When?” a few years ago.

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