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  1. Of course, the truth that the Volga flows into the Caspian Sea is also accessible to a moral freak, if he is familiar with geography. But not everyone will agree with the truth that every living being has the right to life. The answer is obvious.

  2. The question goes back to theology. Morality does not exist by itself as an abstraction. It is harmoniously embedded in the idea of an intelligent world, but not a world that randomly emerged from an explosion and chaos. If we take theism and atheism, then in the former, morality will be a natural stage of development and comprehension of the highest Truth, because moral laws proceed from the Truth. And in the second case, morality is an atavism and anachronism, and it does not lead to any truth, because there is no connection, and in general, what truth can there be in a random pile? Where are the criteria?

    This is a fundamental question of our worldview. On one foundation, there is a natural agreement with your quote, on the other-a complete disagreement, everyone makes their own choice.

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