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  1. you need to live without fuss and the main thing is to live what has value from the point of view of eternity.�

    Even those who are left can
    Five minutes to look at the white light,
    They fuss, they go out of their way,
    As if they still have hundreds of years to live.

    And in the distance, in the silence of a hundred centuries,
    The mountains, looking at the noisy people,
    Froze, sad and severe,
    It's like they only have five minutes to live.

    Rasul Gamzatov

  2. It doesn't mean a damn thing!!!! Don't fill your head with other people's nonsense and verbal vomit!! You are what is inside you!!!! There is no one day/ that day/ this day… there is just life-a beautiful bitch life long 5/10/40/64 or 101 years and sometimes hard and unfair bitch!!!! But there is someone who loves you or waits for you or remembers you or remembers you or cries for you or hates you or despises you or owes you or someone will lick you in the morning and make you go for a walk!!!!! If you do not understand what is happening-see the Soviet White bim black ear with Stirlitz, after viewing it will feel better so fucking that it will be a shame for doubts

  3. you can,but this is more nonsense.Live like the last day, maybe someone tried,but it hardly turned out, I think this is also a dream of romantics, especially since you will create a lot of problems for your loved ones by living this day, so you need to live so that it doesn't hurt, well, tae further on the classics.

  4. As an answer to this question, I will quote the poem by the poet Nikolai Maisky “Live today, here and now”!

    From century to century,

    From year to year,

    Like last snow,

    We have a trail of adversity.


    And what came true?

    Worthy of od,

    What's the move?

    The snow was whiter

    And fatter cattle,

    Tastier churek,

    Brighter sunrise.

    Sharper minds,

    Cheaper gas,

    And borrow it

    They could have done it immediately.

    In words straight

    About the sensitive diamond:

    We loved it,

    They loved us.

    But a clear day

    Gives an order:


    Live now!

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