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  1. Indeed, this expression has a paradoxical meaning, but there are no mutually exclusive concepts, provided that the subject of self-destruction himself sees self-destruction as the highest degree of his development. If the subject is an individual, then the highest degree will be his death, if we consider, in turn, the entire period of his life as development. A rather grim conclusion, as far as I'm concerned…

  2. How do you feel about this expression?

    – as for another type-beautiful quote from vkontaktik.

    Does this make paradoxical sense ?..

    • it doesn't make any sense at all.

    are they mutually exclusive concepts?

    “it's not connected at all.

    I'll explain: development is cool and cool, especially if you look at it from the outside, or show off in front of friends.
    But if you do it seriously, then SUDDENLY it turns out that there is no development for the sake of development. Development is not an end – it is a means to… something. Therefore, if you drop the tinsel, then development is possible only when there is a goal, and in the process of achieving this goal, a person develops. The goal does not have to be great or spiritual, but it must be, otherwise what should develop turns into a kind of self-satisfaction.
    So, the last (it is also the highest) degree of development is when a person has developed enough to achieve his goal. Perhaps this is why he will have a different, more complex goal, and in order to achieve it, he will have to develop again, but the point is that these stages of development are tied to the process of achieving the goal, and to the result of the activity. And self-destruction here is generally no sideways can not fasten.
    Rather, self-destruction can be considered a goal, but it does not require any development at all.
    Although it is quite possible that a person reaches his goal, develops, at some point he has a short circuit in the brain, and he begins to self-destruct. But even if this happens (hypothetically), it is impossible to draw a reasonable conclusion about the relationship between development and self-destruction.

  3. On the contrary, it seems to me that self – development is creating yourself, implementing yourself as a project. Self-destruction is most likely a reverse process, most often associated with degradation or stagnation in the development of the individual. However, unexpected turns in personal development, which, it would seem, went on its own, can turn out to be such an unexpected surprise.

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