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  1. In order to be able to say that something is “against nature” at all, we must first establish that there is a certain nature, a human nature.

    Here we have the first problem-it is not quite clear how to establish what “human nature” is. It seems intuitively clear that some things correspond to our nature, and some do not, but it is completely unclear why this is the case and not otherwise, and there is a lot of uncertainty here. Is it in human nature to kill? To die? Get sick? Be healthy? Will it not turn out that in human nature, in general, everything that we can do, and outside of it, what we can't? Breathing underwater, for example, is not in human nature, is it? But we invented scuba gear. Is scuba diving unnatural?

    Maybe we should approach the question statistically? Let's take people, average them, and see. It turns out that in the nature of people to be from and to height, to have weight from and to, eyes of such and such colors, hair of other colors, two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, one mouth and a heart on the right. Be a man or a woman, a child/adult/old man, and so on. Everything seems to be OK? But it seems that this contradicts the intuitive understanding of “natural” as “natural”. It's natural to get fat, isn't it? It's natural to die. Killing is also quite natural. Get sick. That is, there are some things that are quite natural, but can occur quite rarely. Or vice versa – there is an epidemic raging around, but you are healthy. Being healthy is natural, even though statistically you are an anomaly right now. That is, either the human nature taken from statistics does not coincide with human nature, it is unnatural in itself, or the statistical approach is no good.

    But that's half the trouble. Let's say we have established some concept of human nature. And what should I do with it now? Traditionally, they try to tie it to ethics, to make sure that “good” coincides with “natural”, and “bad” with “unnatural”.

    So you asked your question for a reason, don't you put a negative connotation in “against nature”?

    The history of reasoning in this direction shows that this is a dead end.

    Or it turns out that being kind and developing culturally is already unnatural in itself, and then what is the use of such a concept of nature, if following it turns us into animals? Are you personally willing to trade toilet paper for a naturally dirty ass?

    Or it turns out that this is natural, we are by nature more kind than evil and tend to develop, not degrade, but do you know what the good ones don't do? They don't blame others for being “unnatural” and merciful to those who are different but not a threat.

  2. Yes, against, you can throw as many sneakers as you want. Healthy M and W differ in the balance of hormones laid down initially. Accordingly, a change in this balance is a disease. Surgical intervention and hormone therapy do exactly this – it violates the healthy balance laid down by nature, forcing you to maintain this painful state of hormonal imbalance all your life, firstly, for compensatory purposes, and secondly, so that you do not roll back to the “original settings”.

    In fact, all gender reassignment activities are the same cosmetology and beauty industry as silicone tits, for example, or plastic surgery of the face, ass, or whatever you want. Side effects are more than fun, and people do not live with this for long and on drugs. But just as the former has become the norm for society,so will this one. Because the spheres of society simply respond to demand, if it grows. First, everyone will be convinced that this is normal, then they will siphon off loot from those who are forced to do it. Because you can only make fun of yourself unnecessarily for health reasons for a fee, and very much for a fee, and this is beneficial to many people.

  3. Based on the fact that�

    how reasonable and expedient is nature

    How systematic and purposeful is the development and improvement process

    then the ” conclusion “suggests itself

    The life of nature is a natural evolution..�

    And the fact that �a person was born, for example, a boy or a girl�

    This is not a random coincidence of the location of the stars, the selected dinner menu and the position of conception

    This is still the same planned and expedient life cycle of nature honed by millions of years of evolution of INTELLIGENT life..�

    And the change of gender in such circumstances is rather not a planned hindrance to evolution))

  4. Omitting the discussion about transsexual fish that have nothing to do with the issue under consideration, let's look at the medical essence of the phenomenon. I will immediately make a reservation that I consider only a complete operation as a sex change – when both secondary sexual characteristics and the genitals themselves change. Therefore, we also do not consider the incomplete change of “sex change”, often practiced in Thailand among prostitutes for the amusement of pervert tourists, when the whole sex change consists in inserting breast implants, hormone therapy and getting a “woman with a dick” on the way out. Everyone is well aware that this is not a sex change, but just a transformation of the body in order to make it more attractive to perverts and earn money.

    And often people who have changed their gender remain infertile.” – not often, but always. If during the epic times, when sex reassignment operations were just beginning to be developed, sometimes during surgical interventions, “me in jo” kept one testicle, in case the patient suddenly changed his mind… Now they do not do this (because, as it turned out, this “hidden” testicle has the property of giving a small crustacean. For it is not for nothing that nature placed the testicles not in the abdominal cavity, but in the scrotum, where the temperature is much lower). In men, the testicles and penis are completely removed, in women-the ovaries, uterus, and vagina. There are no internal genitalia in principle ,so for victims of sex reassignment surgery, at this stage of the development of science, it is only possible to have children by surrogate.

    In addition, to maintain the appearance of belonging to the opposite sex, lifelong hormone therapy is required. At the same time, as with long-term use of any pharmaceutical products (which always contain a certain percentage of impurities), side effects and complications can occur; in transgender people, this is usually kidney and liver damage. In what percentage of cases out of the total, what is the severity of these complications, whether it is necessary to completely cancel hormones, and what consequences – I suspect that no one keeps summary statistics.

    Now other “cherries” – separately for two types of transgender people.

    Former men. Often, hormone therapy alone is not enough to make a creature feminine. Additionally, liposuction is performed to bring fat deposits in the abdomen to a more “feminine” type, plastic surgery of the face, neck (the notorious adam's apple), breast implants are almost always inserted. Imitation of the vagina is formed from the skin tissues of the penis by “turning it out” (“penile inversion”). From the small left fragment of the head, they make a likeness of the clitoris, from the scrotum – labia (previously, the vagina was made from a segment of the colon, but now it is used much less often – only partially, if the penis is very small and there are not enough tissues to form a vagina of sufficient size). According to the result: first, the “real” vagina is lined with a mucous membrane, and it secretes lubricant. In the case of a transgender person, this is normal skin, and sex is possible only with artificial lubrication (except in rare cases when a) Cooper's glands are preserved b) they secrete enough secretions when aroused). And secondly, the formed neo-vagina tends to overgrow; the speed and degree of this process is individual. Therefore, it is boosted by a special device, at first-almost every day, then gradually the need decreases. But there are also “lucky people” who have to spend boozing constantly, especially in the absence of sexual activity.�

    Former women. Here, first of all, the operation is much more complicated, and multi-stage. From above-the mammary glands are removed, everything is simple here. Liposuction also often takes place. At the bottom, there are as many options for performing these operations as there are surgeons practicing these operations. Here and the formation of a microplane with a length of 5-7 cm from the clitoris hypertrophied under the influence of hormones, and endoprosthetics with a pump or other prosthesis. It is clear that an erection is more physiological in the first case, but the resulting size does not suit many people. In the case of an endoprosthesis, there is a high risk of complications and failures (for some series of prostheses, up to 50% had to be removed immediately after surgery), and wear (a pump prosthesis often requires replacement after 3 years of use)… And in general, if about” me in jo ” the favorite fairy tale of trannies is that after a good operation “even the gynecologist will not distinguish”, then the boy who “pumps up” his penis every time before sex is difficult to take for a natural man.�

    Something like that. Now, armed with the above information, and with the understanding that sex change is not only the operation itself, but also the constant forcible retention of the body in an unusual genotype framework, you can independently make a conclusion: “against nature” is it, or not.

  5. Nothing can be said about “against nature”, since in nature gender reassignment is common. For example, there is a type of fish where after some time the male transforms into a female, while being dominant, it increases by 5 times in size, it grows tusks and becomes extremely aggressive. At the same time, he is now a female who leaves offspring. There are many such examples in nature. As for people, usually people want to change their gender because of deep problems with gender identity, as well as sexual disorders. Usually, sex change does not bring much relief and joy, these people are strongly squeezed by a deep internal crisis of self-rejection. In addition, sex change often leads to hormonal problems and physical ailments. And often people who have changed their gender remain infertile. In prioda, sex change is an evolutionarily determined process aimed at preserving the species in difficult changing conditions. When it is simply expressed in a person as blash and entertainment from boredom, this is not correct. And the consequences are deplorable.

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