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  1. Sex and love can fully exist both together and separately. Sexual relationships based on mutual pleasure and complete absence of romantic feelings are just as valuable as relationships where there is love, affection, warmth and no pair sex.

    The phenomenon of prostitution is more related to power. People pay not for sexual pleasure, not for intimacy, but for possession of another person without their desire. It is mutual desire that is the basis of healthy sexuality, not romantic feelings. No matter how much a representative of this industry imitates pleasure, the client still knows that they are paying for it. And even with a great desire to be deceived, this knowledge does not disappear anywhere.

  2. Sex without love is sex without love. There is no need to confuse the concepts. After all, masturbation is self-satisfaction, in the process of which one person participates. And sex is the sexual act of two or more people. And this sexual act can be for love and without love, but in any case, there is no question of masturbation in this case. This means that your second statement is also incorrect. In another way, sexual intercourse with a prostitute can be called sex without obligations. But still, the very girl of low social status can not be called a live masturbator for sure. Since you are still having sex with her, let her do it for money.

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