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  1. What most people understand by the word “horoscope” is not such.

    The example that there is only one forecast for a certain number of people is a good example of why you can't believe horoscopes that are compiled for a group of people (by zodiac sign or year of birth – Chinese horoscope).

    A true horoscope is compiled for a specific person and takes into account their full date of birth with the hour of birth.

    It's just that 99% of our people are familiar with horoscopes only from online or newspaper forecasts. What do they think about them? It's not hard to guess. But they read it anyway )) And most of them do not realize that there are other horoscopes.

    The disadvantage of normal horoscopes is that they are mostly paid, as you need to contact a consultant or astrologer.

    Here everyone already chooses their own.

  2. And I think it's very interesting to read horoscopes. Perhaps, of course, in the general horoscope, not everything always coincides. But that's what they're all about. But they increase faith in each new day😊

  3. Of course not. The math is simple. 12 months of the year. There is one zodiac sign for each month. Well, plus the Eastern horoscope(but this is not about us) multiplied by the world population of ~8 billion. human. We get that 8bn. divide by 12 we get 666,666,667. I.e. for each sign there is a higher written number. And it turns out that for 666 million people, there is one description of the horoscope. In addition, there are 100,500 under-construction specialists in Russia alone, and everyone makes their own forecasts. There are many examples, but the conclusion is the same – do not believe!

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