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  1. Not that having an end has no beginning. Everything that has an end has a beginning somewhere. However, perhaps the description fits an unrealized idea that has an end, and has not begun to be implemented.

  2. A dream has a beginning and no end. There is no end to my hopes. Love has no end. Love is something that gives rise to endless hope in you, gives you the opportunity to dream and not think about its realization, reincarnation.
    I gave an example of what, in addition to the number pi, has a beginning without an end. Now, I will answer what exactly has an end, but no beginning…
    …U vremya!
    It turns out that I was wrong when I answered that time has an end and no beginning! It's hard to find what has an end and no beginning?! ))
    And still I will try to answer. There is something that is associated with it over time is patience. It always comes to an end and its beginning goes far into the sky! ))

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