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  1. Stoicism is very active and positive in supporting suicide. Many Roman Stoics calmly and consciously opened up in the baths when the circumstances demanded it. Because for the Stoic, life and death are not primary, but duty and balance in the world and in oneself are primary. Stoics are �(roughly) European Taoists. And the Taoists even have special rules and a suicide cult. So you have formulated the question incorrectly.

    If you meant that it is better to open up or endure, then it is better to endure. Because none of us is a God or a prophet, and we don't know what will happen to them in a moment or an hour. It's just stupid and inconsiderate to open your mouth only to have a check for a million drop smoothly on your corpse in a minute, like a leaf from a tree, and the love of your (destined, but not happened) life pass outside the window at that time. Read the penultimate scene of “Romeo and Juliet” to see how frustrating it can be. Then you lie there dead as a sucker.

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