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  1. It wasn't exactly a retreat, but it felt like it. I was a teenager who had changed schools not for the first time. This was the last move that broke me up, after which I decided not to get attached to people at all, so that later it would not be painful to part.

    In general, I became a loner and did not talk to anyone, lay on my desk like a vegetable, and slept in class for about two years. Even now that this condition has passed, I still can't get attached to a person and make friends. Loneliness has made me independent of the need for relationships. Well, independent.

  2. Once I was isolated from people and met them very rarely, this protected me from the influence of the masses of people, their ideologies, habits and rules. When you are alone for a long time, you start to think about everything, you think and come to conclusions yourself, they are not influenced by anyone but yourself. You begin to see the essence of things, and when the time comes to return to people, they can no longer influence your worldview, but you can see everything that drives their opinion: their feelings, problems, and environment.

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