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  1. Yes, that's right. But what is “love”? Many people understand it as sexual use. Partners are treated as objects to satisfy their needs (especially men). So it turns out as in the joke: “Petya, do you like beets? I like to eat, but I don't like it very much.” This kind of attitude is replicated throughout modern pop culture, unfortunately.

    Although love is a gift of happiness. I gave it to you and don't need anything in return, because I'm happy that I made someone else happy.

  2. I would say a little differently, adding the fourth component: Love is emotional(I like my partner, I have feelings for him), mental(I have common plans and goals for the future with my partner), spiritual(my partner is my best friend) and physical (I want a partner) components together.

    When these components are not together, it can be love(a combination of all three components, but with the absence of mental), passion(emotional+physical), friendship(a combination of all three except emotional), benefit(lack of emotional and spiritual components), and so on.

    True love in the presence of all the components together is very rare. In addition, there should be reciprocity of components in both partners, which is even rarer.

  3. Yes, it is worth agreeing, because let's imagine love without attraction(acceptance of the body) – “well, you are good(s), but a freak”; without attraction of the mind-constant quarrels ; without attraction of the hearts – so it's just familiar people will be

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