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  1. There are several versions of how the highest of the angels turned out to be the lord of evil, three of them are the most popular. 1st: rebellion against the Creator (the motives are different-from envy of man to the claim to be in the place of God himself). 2nd: an auxiliary role in the testing of God's creatures; here evil is not evil, but a moment of good. 3rd: the personification of God's wrath against those creatures who misused their freedom. All 3 versions find support in the Biblical and parabiblical texts.

  2. The word” Satan “in Hebrew means” adversary ” – this is how the Bible calls an angel who was created good and beautiful, but fell into pride and rebelled against God. Since then, he has been trying to destroy God's creation, and especially the relationship between man and God. In the end, however, He will suffer an inevitable final defeat.
    God, therefore, did not create Satan – in the sense of an ” adversary” – in the form of a beautiful angel who became Satan by his own will.

  3. God actually created an angel named Lucifer, but he used his free will for evil, and now has no right to bear this name. He now has no name at all, but only a variety of criminal pursuers – “enemy”(Satan), “slanderer”(devil).

    Why did God create it? Certainly not to make him an opponent. Every living being has a purpose – to use free will for good. This is what all sentient beings were created for.

    Now for another question:

    why did God create Satan if he knew that he would become evil?

    Because if God, knowing that Satan would become evil, decided not to create him , then it turns out that evil defeated God. But God is never defeated by evil. God conquers all things with good.

    Therefore, intelligent beings are created by God despite the fact that they will become evil in the future. God knows how to turn any evil into good.

  4. The question is obviously not asked correctly, with the substitution of concepts, or their absence.
    Based on this, I declare that Satan is the Angel's choice in his freedom.
    In other words, it is an adjective.
    God did not create Satan, but a kind, sweet Angel, and the choice made by this Angel was a rebellion against God.
    Since the Angel's choice depended on the Angel's freedom, not God's creation of his choice.
    God does not make the choice for the individual, on the contrary, He has given free choice, and each person is free in terms of its fullness.
    But why did Lucifer fall and become a fallen Angel?
    The answer is simple: Because God did not create the likeness of His Personality in the Angels, for by doing so, God deprives the free formation of the personality itself, but imposes his own image of the personality, in other words, such a creation would be a continuation of God.
    But God made it possible to have communion with Him by adding other words to freedom.
    Or to make it clearer: If an Angel doubts his choice , then he can easily ask how to act with God according to his faith and trust in God.
    In this case, Lucifer's faith in God was the first to fall, and his faith in himself increased, thereby strengthening his egoistic views on life as it should be, instead of relying entirely on God, even if everything says that this is not the right choice, and God says that if you do so, then you need to do as God says, this is the presence of faith,
    In other words, Lucifer made a choice and bet on himself.
    Therefore, because of his freedom of choice, he chose to separate himself from the unity in spirit and truth from God and other Angels, and this is the description of the fact that the Angel fell and became Fallen, fell precisely in faith, fell in spirit, doubted God by his freedom.

    God allowed freedom, to each of his creatures, the freedom to do good and evil.

    Freedom: To serve God out of love, but not out of compulsion.

    (Not under pressure, but at will.)

    But he also set up his righteous judgment on the last day left his word about his freedom in relation to every creature passed and will pass the judgment of the last day. (We are free to do evil and good, to kill and give birth, from the very beginning Cain killed Abel, and so on… How does God see it? As a selection error… and passes judgment in the future … over all and over those who crucified Christ… and who lives now… now the court is private and only by the decision of God, so there are murders, wars and all sorts of evil, but God certainly tries to protect those who love God and their neighbor from disasters, but sometimes God allows these Disasters to happen like what happened to Jesus who has no sin in himself and did not deserve to die… This suggests that not everything in the world is according to the will of God so Jesus prays that Your will also come to earth as it is in heaven… it's a private court and universal at the end of time established by God, and only God knows when to end the word day 7 which is pronounced still…) God creates the world by his Word by speaking It every time, God is the God of the events and situations that God does not do evil for the essence of God which was opened by the Son of God came down from Heaven is Good, that means More than good, and Holy.
    So many do not understand as they say: God works in mysterious Ways, because
    If only arch. If the angel Lucifer was like God in person, then He would not have separated from Him and become fallen, but was in unity with God in spirit and truth, and this is of course a tragedy that happened in Heaven in that world, but God does not force you to love Him, it is through love for God and others that a person is saved.
    My God, what a simple Truth You have.
    All you need to do is love and paradise will already be inside your world and heart, and this is the standard of salvation.
    But the concept of Love also needs to be acquired, as you need to force yourself to understand 1 Corinthians 13 chapter on love that Love is primarily a way of relationships, and in order to fulfill it, you need to show willpower, why do you ask me? yes, because our human nature is corrupted by sin-acting as a virus in our informational personal and physical body.

    Sin is in reflexes and habits that need to be overcome with effort and willpower.

    The body reacts according to the developed reflexes.(Psychosomatics)

    Here is a part of what is written there: Love does not exalt itself, does not seek its own, hopes for everything, endures everything, believes everything, forgives everything, covers everything, and will never end. This is what should lead every living soul to God.

    In other words, God will say his last word in the future – and this is a terrible word, because this is the judgment of God on every creature, but God is more righteous than any of us, and more merciful than any of us, and knows everything, God lives together with us all our lives, because He penetrates everything.

    God judges the intentions of the heart and their true nature.

    Now we live in the Word of God, which is spoken by him and created at every moment of time, the word about the freedom of every living entity, Angels and People, and so on.
    God is there, and his absence does not mean that He is not there, but waiting for universal judgment, now He does not interfere with the choice of every living person.
    Angels have a personality, based on which they make their choice, the personality determines that everyone has a certain information content based on which this personality acts, this content is formed by the personality itself. This determines the freedom of the individual, and the ability to go beyond relying not on knowledge but on faith.
    Therefore, blessed are those who believe in Christ, for they have believed in the Truth itself, since the Son of God is one with God the Father and is the infinite and sweetest Truth for the soul of every creature. Amen.
    Those who do not know this are still alive.

  5. God did not create Satan.

    God created angels, among them the Cherubim-Daybreak, who rebelled against God, that is, became his opponent – Satan. After this opponent of God, 1/3 of the angels went, fought against them, defeated them, and threw them into hell…

    A long-known Holy tradition…

  6. The Bible says of God that”all his works are perfect.”When the Creator created this spiritual creature, it was perfect.It was only after this creature had gone against God that it was given the name Satan, meaning adversary.
    Jesus Christ said these words about him:”Your father is the devil,and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father;he was a murderer from the beginning, and did not stand in the truth,for the truth is not in him;when he speaks a lie,he speaks his own,for he is a liar and the father of lies”(John 8:44).
    In this way, Jesus showed that Satan was once in the truth,but then abandoned it.
    Although many people think that Satan was created,the Bible shows that a good angel became what we call Satan.
    In other words, it has degraded.

  7. God created the cherubim, which the prophet Isaiah compares to the morning star rising before dawn (Isaiah 14: 12). In the book of Ezekiel, this cherub is called the seal of perfection, the fulness of wisdom, and the crown of beauty (Ezekiel 28: 12). He was an anointed cherub who

    He was in Eden, in the garden of God, and God appointed him to overshadow, that is, to receive revelations from God and transmit them. He was on the holy mountain of God, walking in the midst of other angels, called here stones of fire (Ezek. 28: 14). It is also written of him :” You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, until iniquity was found in you “(Ezek. 28: 15).

    Thus, God created the cherub, making it a seal of perfection and beauty, set it to overshadow. Where did Satan, the adversary of God's will, come from? The prophet Ezekiel says that because of the greatness of his trade, unrighteousness filled his heart and he sinned (Ezek. 28: 16; 28: 5). Because this cherub was so perfect, and received many extraordinary revelations from God, transmitting them much, thus overshadowing all the other intelligent creatures of the angels, his heart was lifted up, and out of his vanity he destroyed his wisdom. He began to mix falsehoods with Divine revelations and transmit them to other intelligent creatures, so that this cherub defiled his sanctuaries, given to him by God to overshadow them (Ezek. 28: 18). He put his own mind on a par with the mind of God (Ezek. 28: 6), imagined himself to be God, and began to speak his own, and not God's. And because of this, God threw him to the ground, giving him up for shame before the kings (Ezek. 28: 17). Just as John the Theologian says in his Revelation: “Rejoice therefore, O heavens and those who dwell in them! Woe to those who live on land and on the sea! for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, knowing that there is not much time left for him” (Revelation 12: 12). And not only did God cast him down from heaven alone, but also a third of them

    the angels, whom he led away with his tail – lie: … here, a big red dragon… Its tail drew a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them to the ground (Revelation 12: 3-4). God says that he will turn him to ashes on the ground before the eyes of all who see him (Ezekiel 28: 18). Allegorically, God turned the cherub who had sinned into a man by putting it in the earth, that is, in the human heart or on a human being, because the fallen man is earth and ashes (Ser. 17: 31). Just as the book of Genesis says: “… you will walk on your belly and eat dust all the days of your life ” (Gen.

    3,14). And in Ezekiel: “Will you then say to your slayer,' I am god, 'while in the hand of him who slays you you will be a man and not a god?” (Ezek. 28: 9)

    Thus, after the fall, man not only plunged himself into the deadly darkness of sin, but also caused the cherubim to darken or fall even further. Ezekiel here refers to human flesh as a sword drawn against the beauty of wisdom and the splendor of the cherubim: “Behold, I will bring strangers against you, the most cruel of the nations, and they will draw their swords against the beauty of your wisdom and darken your splendor…(Ezek. 28,7) And so Ezekiel metaphorically calls the grave for the cherub that overshadows the heart of man (the heart of the seas) which was created to be the throne of God, the heaven, and became the footstool of the feet, the earth, the grave, and the underworld: “Thus saith the Lord:

    heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool; but where will you build my house, and where is my resting place” (Isaiah 66: 1). Ezekiel says, ” … they will bring you down to the grave, and you will die in the heart of the seas, the death of the slain… You will die an uncircumcised death by the hand of strangers, for I have spoken it,

    Says the Lord God ” (Ezek. 28: 6-8).

    Thus, the devil and Satan are the dead cherubim, whom God created before his death and made the seal of perfection to overshadow on the mountain of God. The devil and Satan are not some primordial essence; being evil, they represent a falling away from good, a resistance to good. In this sense, it cannot be called an “entity” at all, because it does not exist by itself. As darkness or shadow is not an independent being, but only the absence of light,

    so evil is only the absence of good. Being neither an entity nor a being, evil, however, becomes an active destructive principle, it becomes a reality in the person of the devil and demons. Compared to the Divine existence, the activity of evil is illusory and imaginary: the devil has no power where God does not allow him to act, or, in other words, he acts only within the limits that God allows him, says Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev).

  8. Absolutely everything that God created, including Satan, He created for His Own glory.

    If God did not have an opponent, His glory – the glory of His Love, Mercy, Holiness, Justice, Omnipotence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, etc., etc. – would not have flared up as brightly as with this opponent.

  9. Man created Satan. Without it, the Christian religion could not exist. This may seem paradoxical, but it is worth making a comparative analysis of the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the church to make this clear. It is even possible for some truth seekers to go further and investigate the claim that God is also (personal). created by man in his own image and likeness.

    If oxen and lions had intelligence and self-awareness, they would have gods in their own image: oxen would have an ox, and lions would have a lion.

  10. Q: WHO raised the fallen Adam and the fallen Angel ???

    QUESTION-how to understand that the PERFECT Adam and Angel committed sinful acts that contradict the property of PERFECT…???

    LAW – with a good education and upbringing, we get good behavior with any free will.

    EXAMPLE: Christ had an excellent upbringing and excellent behavior.

  11. We read the translation of the name from Hebrew. SATAN — (Heb. sâtân, Aram. sitenâ or sâtânâ, “opponent in court, in dispute or in war, obstructing, contradicting, accuser, earpiece, instigator”)

    Since everything revolves around the Court, I ask-why was the Prosecutor created?

    If there is a chance that the soul, by chance, will not manifest its greatness or fall, then what was the Instigator created for?

    No struggle…

  12. The question of Satan is a question of good and evil.Good and evil are two eternal companions and one flows from the other.Satan, the devil is some evil entity,this is the evil that is in us.

  13. “Freedom is an unavoidable condition of mutual love.” Anthony of Sourozh. God is love. Roughly speaking, that's why there are three of them. The devil is freedom. So he is one, separated. The divine “love triangle” is, in contrast to the mental one, a quadrilateral. For God is a complication of construction. The 4th Element-the Holy Spirit-is the Spirit of Love, so to speak. People who join the Trinity are saints, they have the Spirit of Universal Love in them. Those who merge into the devil are devils who have the spirit of freedom. These are the ones who can't break through the shell of their ego. A dead-end branch of evolution.
    I congratulate Orthodox kyushniki on the Day of the Descent of the Holy Spirit!

  14. I wrote about the Bible and its interpretation earlier. Now about the conditional name-Satan. When a Thought arose in chaos, there was nothing but chaos. But a Thought occurred to Me. Its definition is Thought, it is an image of an ordered movement that has a vector of complication, which is directed from the point of origin of this movement.

    Correction. A thought with a complexity vector is creative, because moving creates more complex images. It is not material, just as its image of complexity is immaterial, consisting of the sum of images of complexity. From elementary to complex. This is evident from the observation of the past. The universe of stars is the memory of our world's past. The world of Earth and people is the future for this memory of the universe. And what we see is quite objective. This idea is called God in religion, but they cannot explain it. Who is God. But the creative thought is a movement with a complication of the created images. And this movement in complication is life. The eternity of life is a constant movement of complication. If you stop this movement, then life will begin to disappear, just as the images of the past disappear. A prime example. There was the USSR , but there is no SSSRa. Now about Satan. This is also an immaterial thought. And it arose after the beginning of the movement of creative Thought. Because the complication vector also has the opposite direction to the point where the complication starts. That is, it is a simplification or consumption vector. But consuming-you destroy. This thought of destruction (which consumes what is not created by it) is called Satan. Satan is also the thought of power, which punishes and destroys what it has not created. Therefore, this thought cannot be higher, or more precisely, more complex than the creative Thought, which has no power, but has the desire to create continuously and endlessly. This is brief, but I hope it's clear. And the fact that the Bible was interpreted by people of the past according to their own interests, this, as they say, is understandable to a goat. If we don't move forward with the creative Thought, it means that we are either sick or dead. Life is about moving forward, not backward. Moving back is moving towards death.

    It turns out that conversations on this topic are empty, grinding out false ideas given to us by our ancestors. You are interested in the wrong things, and you are striving for the wrong place, dear “gentlemen”. It is easy to dominate the humiliated, just as it is easy to destroy what others have created. Think about it, if you can still.

  15. God did not create Satan: -) He created the angels and among them Lucifer, the most powerful and beautiful. According to the biblical narrative, Lucifer rebelled against God, wanting to be the most important, was overthrown from heaven – and because of this, he became Satan 🙂

  16. Satan as part of the duality of light and darkness. The first builds, the second destroys. This is necessary for the overall development process, because sometimes it is impossible to build a new one without destroying the old one. Therefore, the first purpose of Satan is to be a part of duality as a power of destruction.

    The second is the learning process for the living. We have an absolute choice of what to do, what to follow, how to live, and so on. All this may be superficially harmless, but in fact we choose between light and dark. So the second purpose of Satan is to teach: if we (consciously or not) if we choose the side of darkness, then we let the demonic into our lives and reap all the delights of destruction and destruction.

    Well, as you understand, it is necessary to distinguish between the God of duality as the supreme Creator and the God of duality as the ruler of Light

  17. Satan – by the” birth ” of Protothemes, was created by the goddess Promea (created as the feminine principle of God by the god Avatar-a copy of God himself in miniature, as His masculine principle). Promea created universes. The first universe was ours and Protothem is the first Archon-the local god, the ruler of our universe, the “Prince of this World”. By God's permission (and most likely by His design) Protothem became the opposite of Avatar and from that moment the law of struggle and unity of opposites began to work – a powerful stimulator for the effective development of the universe and societies of entities.

  18. There is a saying: “There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.” How can this be? But maybe life is paradoxical. Many people can give examples from their own lives, when the path to happiness lay through misfortune.

    The reason why God created Satan (or an angel who could never have become Satan without the will of the Almighty) lies on the same plane – ” to happiness through misfortune.” A person will not be happy if he does not become perfect. He will not become perfect if he does not know how to sympathize, empathize, if he is not hardened in moral temptations. A person will not learn to empathize if there is no one to empathize with. There will be no one to empathize with if no one is suffering. No one will suffer, no one will be hardened in trials and temptations, if there are no trials and temptations. There will be no trials and temptations if no one tempts…

    That's exactly what Satan is for. At first glance, his mission is purely evil, but if you look at the picture of shirshe, the conclusion will not be so clear, and if you see the whole picture, the conclusion will be generally the opposite.

    God is infinitely wise, He does nothing for nothing, and everything He does is ultimately very good. And in general-in relation to God, you need to evaluate everything exactly “in the end”, that is, “count chickens in the fall”.

    Well, “freedom” has absolutely nothing to do with it. And it has nothing to do with it, because it simply does not exist, an invention of those who long for their independence from God.

  19. Satan created all life on earth. Satan is the prince of this world.

    Without living organisms, there would be no consciousness and self-awareness, and hence no human spirit.

    Before the appearance of man, Satan was the supreme ruler of the world, he ruled the living soul.

    Satan is the code of laws of life, namely biological life. This means that our bodies are governed by the laws of Satan, and our consciousness (spirit) is governed by Christ. Original sin is birth in a body ruled by Satan, but as the spirit evolves, the control passes to the spirit. This is the second birth, the birth in the spirit.

  20. The Bible is interpreted by people, you believe people or the Lord who created matter. And from this matter – stars, planets, bio-life. Everything that is created in the image and likeness of the Lord himself. (from elementary to complex). But liars hide from people the essence of the Lord – the Creative Thought. It is called God. But there is a thought of consumption that destroys creations. it is called the devil, Lucifer, etc. The harmony of the world is in the balance of these thoughts. Those who create rituals live with the idea of consumption. this thought is God to them. The thought of no conscience, no darkness, no hatred. For people with a conscience, God is a creative Thought. The Thought of Conscience, light, and Love. Ask the Lord himself, first rejecting your lies and violence. And He will respond in the mental images you present. These thoughts can be materialized by sound, text, or drawing. Think about it, if you can still.

  21. ahem… you kind of don't know what the trick is?

    So, first there were the angels ( Satan, among other things. former angel).
    but God somehow didn't really like them very much, and then he created people.

    here about them, he decided that � is good and they say, all the others will be service personnel for humanity, and a person will have a green light and a garden of Eden.

    some angels did not approve of this decision, among them the first one was just Satan ( or Lucifer) or whatever his name was then.

    Taram-pam-pam, an attempted palace coup, but the Devil and his cronies were slapped in the face and brought down.
    By the way, Satan swore to God to prove that his creation is crap and since then has actually been engaged in tempting. he doesn't care about the souls themselves. just every sinner is an opportunity to poke God roughly in his mistake ( according to Satan).

    So that.. so we live.
    naturally, this is the most general version, which has collected more or less everything. there are also differences.

    and every branch of religion has its own problems.

    In any case, we can safely say that the creator screwed up the business and then decided that it seems to be fine)))

  22. It turns out that god is not god at all – according to mythology, he knows what was is and will be. And when he created the angels, it turns out that he knew that some of them would betray him. And he knew in advance that Eve and Adam would eat apples from the forbidden tree… And he knew, it turns out, that for the sins of people, he will arrange a worldwide flood… It's like God knows everything in advance, but then still punishes.

  23. God is the only Creator, and “his works are perfect”, there is no injustice or unrighteousness in them. Originally, the one who became Satan was the perfect spiritual son of God. By saying that the Devil “did not stand in the truth,” Jesus showed that he was once “in the truth.” Like all intelligent creatures of God, this spirit son had free will. But he abused his freedom of choice, allowing a great conceit to develop in his heart, and longed for what only God has the right to do— to be worshipped. He pushed Adam and Eve to obey him, not God.So he made himself Satan, which means ” adversary.”In the future, Jehovah will destroy Satan so that he will no longer deceive people and encourage them to do bad things.

  24. Not only did God create the universe, but Revelation 4: 11 says,”…. you created all things, and everything exists and was created according to your will.” But according to the Bible, God did not create the Devil. He created a personality that later became the Devil. John's 2nd letter says:: “God is Love. God created all His creations with love. The Bible also says: “His works are perfect, and all his ways are just .God is faithful, and there is no unrighteousness in Him; He is just and true.” (Deuteronomy 32: 3-5).Since God created all intelligent creatures in his own image and likeness, this angel had the same qualities. From this we can conclude that Satan the Devil was once a perfect and righteous angel of God. John 8:44 records Jesus saying that the Devil “did not stand in the truth,” which means that he was once sinless. God created all intelligent creatures with free will, and they could choose between good and evil. Satan chose the path of disobedience, and by winning the first people over to his side, he became Satan, which means “Adversary”(Genesis 3: 1-5; Revelation 12: 9)./

  25. In his contacts with me, God said that not only did he not create Satan, but He did not even think about him, just as He did not create science and religion! this is the free creativity of people! You believe so much in fiction that you even capitalize Satan, and I crush him like a bug!

  26. No, God did not create Satan. If we consider that Satan the devil in translation means an opponent and slanderer, then it is obvious that he himself became one. Why? He was the first to rebel against the authority of God and slander him. And since God created all his intelligent creatures with free will, capable of doing the right thing, one very good Angel in the past allowed himself to develop pride and appropriate for himself what rightfully belongs only to God-worship from people. He got so caught up in his own desire that he drove himself to sin. This causal relationship is described in the Bible:

    “but every one is tempted, being carried away and deceived by his own lust; but lust, when conceived, begets sin, and sin made begets death” (James 1: 14,15).

    Satan, being a good angel, was himself carried away by his own lust, or wrong desire, and then began to act according to these desires, and became Satan the devil, the adversary and slanderer. However, in the near future, God himself, through Christ, will destroy the works of the devil:

    “Whoever commits sin is of the devil, because the devil first sinned. This is why the Son of God appeared, to destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

    People can also choose, imitate, reflect the qualities that they like best, get carried away by them and become sons of God, or … 🤷 ♂ ️ Let's use our free will correctly and please God:

    “Be wise, my son, and rejoice in my heart, and I will have something to answer him who blasphemes me “(Prov.27:11)

    What's the use? Jesus said, ” Happy are the meek, for they will inherit the earth “(Matthew 5:5) All people who obey God are given the opportunity to live on earth forever under the rule of the Creator of the universe. Would you like to?�

  27. Yes, the universe was created by God. Angels were also created on it. But one of the angels was proud and wanted to take what did not belong to him. This spiritual person went against his Father and became Satan, and therefore an enemy of God.

  28. Lucifer wanted to create the material world in the likeness of the six subtle ones, which were created according to the thought of God (6 heavens). His world was not so bright, and he got stuck in his creation, lost all the energy, turning most of it into coarse matter. For the souls that were beginning to settle into the material world, it seemed the best. Therefore, Satan is a Deceiver, he puts material charms on people as the main ones. But! He doesn't force you!) He seduces. The choice is up to each individual human being).

  29. It also says that angels serve,and Lucifer is a former angel of light.And there was no way he could be always, forever, like the Creator.Just a lot of people without reading the source, and well, let's go into word disputes.He created it,not the first size,but he didn't want to.So he had a right to do so.As with us- “I said to you choose the good”, that is, but we can also choose the evil.Since you are free!Well, the Creator will eventually see who is who.

  30. Satan -Iblis was one of the jinn. He rose to the level of the heavens of angels because of the service of Allah. As the commander of the army of Allah, he fought against the jinn of Allah, who caused mischief in the land…and secretly hoped that Allah would appoint him as its governor..but Allah had His own plans – he created Adam (RA) and appointed him caliph – Then Allah ordered the angels to bow down to the first man in recognition of his superiority and greatness over all the creatures of the Creator. And all the angels bowed down, and only the jinn Iblis did not obey the will of Allah – out of pride Iblis did not want to recognize the greatness of Adam – disobeying the will of God, and then the Almighty God threw Iblis down from heaven to the earthly world, and Iblis became an infidel.

  31. God created the Radiant Archangel, who later began to create his world in the likeness of the subtle divine ones from which he came. Even attracted about a third of the angelic entities for this purpose. They created like God – out of themselves, out of their thoughts. But the rough thermal world had taken too much of their energy. They grew into it, and stayed in it forever. By the way, we humans love this world very much, we admire its sunsets and sunrises). We are used to surviving here, in the world of the prince – Satan. What's so bad about it? It gives everyone the opportunity to prove themselves. He is not an enemy of God, he is a Helper).

  32. That's all bullshit. Peace is the unity and struggle of opposites. + and -, up and down, right and left, forward and backward, good and bad, good and evil, matter and antimatter, god and devil, etc.

  33. What would you do to know yourself in all its diversity if you were the only intelligent entity in the entire universe? If we follow from the fact that everything in the universe is GOD and there is nothing but GOD, then it is HE who manifests himself in all the diversity of good and evil. Who are we?.. we are its little “atoms”. Atoms are full of limitations and weaknesses. Through us, he comes to know himself in weakness, to know the essence of good and evil.

  34. The Bible says that God created the universe. So does Satan, too. What for?

    To blame all the troubles on your deputy, why else? Everything is just like people, or rather, we are just like them.

  35. You will first decide on a god – Yahweh or El – and then decide whether to include the non-canonical Book of Enoch.And Satan with Shahar(Bringer of light / Lucifer) don't confuse them.

  36. Who is the best person to talk about the essence of Satan? Of course, Jesus Christ, because He knew him,so it would be wise to refer to the words of Jesus, John 8: 44.With these words, Jesus showed that Satan had once been in the truth, but had abandoned it.He began to deviate from the truth when He turned Adam and Eve away from God.Then he became a murderer ,because he condemned them to death, and they in turn passed on sin and death to their descendants(Romans 5: 12).From the way the Bible describes the qualities and actions of Satan,it is clear that we are talking about a person, and not about evil as an abstract concept. Undoubtedly, the Jews, as well as Jesus and his disciples, believed that Satan was a person.So this spiritual person, who was originally righteous and perfect, fell into sin and became degraded.What happened to this person developed according to the principle described by James: “Everyone is tested by being carried away by their own desire.Then desire, when conceived, begets sin,and perfect sin begets death(James 1: 14,15).From the Bible's response,it is Satan, who spoke to Eve through the serpent,who caused her to break God's commandment.And Eve encouraged Adam to join her in the rebellion. – Genesis 3: 1-7; 2 Corinthians 11:3.Because Satan was called a serpent,the Bible calls him “the Serpent”-a word that has come to mean” deceiver”;he also became a “Tempter”(Matthew 4:3)and a liar,”the father of lies”(John 8:44;Revelation 12:9).

  37. I can't believe in a “proud creation”, and the best one at that. Emotions are for humans, not Angels. A lot of emotions, and everyone was offended at each other. They covered the plop from the offended Creator…Some kind of manual for beginning psychologists, not Holy Scripture. The Creator can't (even the Almighty can't)He will take offense at his Creation, and if he can, then it is not God.

  38. Just like you made a baby, why? But when the child grew up, he came to you and said: go you from the hut, I will live here with Masha. The hut is registered to you, you are so taken aback and say: go you are a son of good health from here and do not forget Masha. Well, of course, your son is blood and flesh, powerful as a flock of clouds, but on the docks has no right to anything. His fart has risen and he doesn't like the folder anymore, although sometimes he buries his face in the pillow and thinks about his dad and understands what he did. But none of them will ask for forgiveness for their selfishness, because they created in the image and likeness.

  39. First, a bad and incorrect article title)
    Secondly, God did not create it, the Devil is a fallen angel and a traitor to God, who wanted to have more than God has.

  40. In general, all this is nonsense , no one created anyone. And the Bible itself is a children's fairy tale. But a fairy tale for children of the Plebeians, those centuries, not ours. It was interesting for them about 2000 years ago in zahleb to read all this, as you are now watching REN TV about UFOs and so on. It's just that humanity has always needed to explain its existence to itself , and yet humanity has never come to terms with its death. For this purpose, a whole host of theories, books, saints and omnipotents were invented. Thousands of gods and so on were invented. But in fact, think about the books of those years and everything becomes clear that these are all fairy tales for children. And how things really are, we do not know about it and no one will ever know in this life. And for this reason, we will continue to fantasize about biblical, mystical, paranormal or alien fairy tales. Truth be with us!

  41. Satan is to God what Beria is to Stalin; he is necessary to make of the souls of men what God needs – a pure, impersonal spirit. In hell and purgatory, sins are destroyed – that is, everything human, and each sin has to be destroyed in its own way. Perhaps the process of destroying sin is to repeat it until you get tired of it?! Because everything gets boring if you constantly do it. And so the soul moves from the very bottom of hell, through all circles destroying all sins, through purgatory and finally passes through the purifying fire and into heaven to God (see Jacques le Goff's “The Birth of Purgatory”).

  42. The words are addressed to the king of Tyre, but they refer to the cherub who became Satan:�

    “….You were the anointed cherub to overshadow, and I set you up for it; you were on the holy mountain of God, walking among the stones of fire.
    15 You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, until iniquity was found in you.
    16 Because of the abundance of your trade, unrighteousness has filled your heart, and you have sinned; and I have cast you down as an unclean thing from the mountain of God; I have driven you out, O overshadowing cherub, from among the stones of fire.
    17 Because of your beauty your heart is lifted up, because of your vanity you have destroyed your wisdom; therefore I will cast you to the ground, and I will give you up for a reproach before kings.
    (Ezek. 28: 14-17)

  43. The author hasn't read the Bible ? At least there are answers to such questions. Well, of course, God created everything – Heaven and Hell. And the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve. And so he gave Adam and Eve the opportunity to commit original sin. What for? This is a choice. Between good and evil. God himself represents Good, so there must have been someone who represents Evil.

  44. Defachki and boys. if god existed, he would be)))) You write that it exists, and for other galaxies of the universes it also exists? for an infinite number of universes, galaxies, star systems, planets, humanity (life), and so on, does it also exist? Or you doubt that there is another life in eternity and infinity. Where was he born then? who created it? I was created by my mother and father , my country was created by my humanity, my earth was created by our solar system, the galaxy created it, the big bang created it, or there is an expansion of space, and who created God??? Or do you really think that God created us for experiments like whether we will be holy or righteous or not? That is, he is so wise and the only best being in the entire universe, interested in the experience, to check whether we will be righteous or sinners, and only for this he created us??)))) this is about how I was a child planted in one jar cockroach and spider I was wondering which of them is stronger)))) But in real life, I don't really believe that if there was a God , he would be as stupid as I was in my 4-5 years. If he wanted to create good ones, he could do it. If he wanted to create bad people, he could do it. But he was wondering who is stronger than cockroaches or spiders)))))) och funny. That's why I don't believe in this mystique

  45. the author is right.God does not stop you from making a choice, but offers you to make it.and which way to go is up to you!but remember-GOD loves every child of his!!and all the trials that fall on you are tests of your faith in him!no matter how bitter or sweet it may be for you-the choice will always be before you-what to do?I'll give you an example(it may be with errors, that's why I'm a human being)

    imagine the situation.you leave the house.you have 3 children hungry at home.you've scraped together enough money to buy bread

    a homeless man passes by (dirty, smelly) and drops 1000 rubles

    your actions-

    you will pick up 1000r without saying anything and feed your children

    you will get more than 1000 rubles but the homeless person will notice this and try to return them but you will not give them to him referring to the fact that your children want to eat and you are stronger and healthier

    you will return the money to the homeless person in the hope that he will thank you with another loaf of bread

    these are of course not all the questions that flash through the mind of a human, but only one leads to the right place.

    So it is with him that I call him..To others..

    I feel sorry for him he chose the wrong path!

    forgive our Lord if you wrote something superfluous…

  46. Firstly, the most important mistake is the so-called Satan aka Iblis is not an angel but from the race of fiery jinns, the Lord first created jinns and then people for life on earth, jinns like people have free will unlike angels, angels do not have free will they are like robots programmed to serve, so it is impossible for an angel to rebel against the will of God, why did the Lord create jinns and people ? According to Islam for the sake of worship according to me for the sake of studying and experimenting as scientists do, there are jinn who live longer and have more abilities both physical and mental and there are people who live less and with their own capabilities, with each other the world of jinn almost does not intersect although they live in parallel with people but people do not notice them with rare exceptions , iblis for example is the first racist he despises people and considers their creation a mistake he refused to bow down to Adam that is not recognizing man as equal to the jinn he was supported by many of his companions this is the whole essence of his rebellion

  47. Just don't take such a funny book as The Bible so seriously!! It was written by not very smart people, for today's times, so they wrote a lot of nonsense. In fact, these are just children's fairy tales.

  48. https://www.insiderrevelations.ru/index3.html

    Click the link to answer a question that doesn't appear in any other answers in this feed.�

    The Third Insider Revelation

    In October 2008, at the English-language forum Above Top Secret, another representative of the secret world elite came into contact. There is reason to believe that this is another person who is not directly related to the first Insider. Some of his statements repeat the words of the first Insider, some add new details to what was previously said. At the same time, the range of issues raised in this Revelation turned out to be even wider than in the first two and illuminates the deep foundations of the Universe.

  49. Ops, if you conduct a diagnosis of religious scriptures, Then Lucifer is the first-born son of the Creator-Father and how and what is attributed and called stratify it different religious denominations is their policy. Do you personally have a positive relationship with your biological Father? so, what's at the bottom is at the top, and so on.there's nothing new. Air shake the word and discuss not their thoughts and deeds intiresnoe and productive for centuries occupation but logs in the eye-the soul of no one wants to see and so on…I'm sick of right-wing arguments that create conditions for idiocy to flourish in all parallels.

  50. The Creator created Life and separated Light from Darkness. You Can Choose Light or Dark. There is no purgatory, no Satan, no devil, no hell or heaven. There is only Salvation. Either the Creator needs you and continue or delete.

  51. God created EVERYTHING!

    I didn't finish reading the comments, maybe I repeat myself somewhere!

    Our universe is just an echo of the Lord's capabilities!

    This is a big mess, Comrades! It occurred for the following reasons:

    • Satan (with a capital letter) became a household name-as the beginning of all “opponents”.

    It was originally beautiful…Jin, the best worshipper of God, was elevated to Paradise for his merits, was a Warrior and Commander among the angels. He has nothing to do with the fallen angels.

    Initially, it was beautiful…Jin, the best worshipper of God, was elevated to Paradise for his merits, was a Warrior and Commander among the angels. He has nothing to do with the fallen angels. (more precisely, it has, and can most directly, but not to the nature of angels)

    then there was pride, followed by the second-refusal to submit to God and, as a result, rejection from both God and Paradise. And in this sense, they began to call him Iblis – “the outcast”.

    • among the fallen angels, there was another character, Azazel (or Azael).

    satan (with a small letter – exactly, the enemy)

    There are also many “merits”. The ego was singled out-ordered to be chained up in the dark for the rest of its days. Presumably, this is not the end of the story for him.

    Now this story is being prepared for publication, which is supposed to put an end to this confusion.

    this is a response to one of the comments.

  52. Satan is an archetype much older than Christianity itself. This applies to a huge number of images that Christians have stolen and used for their religion, such as the image of Lucifer.�

    Of course, the Christian false god has nothing to do with the” creation ” of Satan.

  53. back in the Neolithic, man invented God and Satan to explain the inexplicable.and Kago was like a god in the days of the dinosaurs – there was no man then.so god is a myth

  54. There is no such thing as a God, much less a Satan. no need to look for excuses for your filthy deeds that “the devil got mixed up”. People, only you are responsible for what you do, for all your sins, do not be like nonentities, shifting the blame to demons ,devils, Satan, etc.

    And at the expense of what is written in the Bible, read more scientific literature, if I once read not the Bible, but educational books, I would be smarter than I am now.

    We live on the ground, and we must stand firmly on the ground, and not fly somewhere in the clouds

  55. The Bible says that God created the universe. So does Satan, too. What for?“Your statement is a lie.

    Nowhere in the Bible does it say thatGod created the universe.” �

    From your false affirmations, only false conclusions and conclusions follow; and you will have no other “knowledge”.

  56. God did not specifically create a carrier of evil, Satan the Devil. God did not make the demons, some of His heavenly angels, sinful. It was their lust for power that killed them. And the first of their leader, Satan. Why did other angels remain loyal to God? What do you think the same thoughts did not occur to them? But they rejected them and remained loyal. We made our choice. Why does one of the two sons in a decent house grow up to be beautiful and the other to be a criminal? Efforts are not made by those who only think about themselves. And so he is an egoist and becomes a rebel.

    This is how God himself describes this path of self-destruction:

    3 You were in Eden, in the garden of God;

    14 You were the anointed cherub to overshadow, and I set you up for it; you were on the holy mountain of God, walking among the stones of fire.

    16 Because of the abundance of your trade, unrighteousness has filled your heart, and you have sinned; and I have cast you down as an unclean thing from the mountain of God; I have driven you out, O overshadowing cherub, from among the stones of fire.

    15 You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, until iniquity was found in you. 17 Because of your beauty your heart is lifted up, because of your vanity you have destroyed your wisdom; therefore I will cast you to the ground, and I will give you up for a reproach before kings.

    18 By the multitude of your iniquities and your unrighteous trade you have defiled your sanctuaries; and I will draw fire out of the midst of you, and it will devour you; and I will turn you to ashes on the ground in the sight of all who see you.

    (Ezekiel 28: 14-18)

    Read it and think about it! God mourns his perfect child, who has become an enemy and a criminal. And no one is to blame for his poor life choices. Instead of gratitude, he repaid his Father with anger and hatred.

  57. As for all the arguments about Satan, this is just some literary device of an unnamed author, used to highlight white and black or plus and minus.

    The rational opinion is that Satan or the devil, as the embodiment of” world evil”, does not exist. God didn't create it. Diabolical tendencies exist only in ourselves, in our bad inclinations and aspirations (greed, envy, lust, cowardice, etc.) – after all, it is easy to say later “the devil got confused” – and that's all, and you have nothing to do with it – the devil did it, but not me.

    I will allow myself such a figurative analogy. As we know, there are light sources: first of all, the Sun during the day, a bonfire at night, as well as various kinds of man-made lamps: headlights, light bulbs, lanterns, candles, and finally (the moon itself does not shine, it only reflects the light of the Sun). That is, we are dealing with light sources. Is there a source of darkness: candles, flashlights, or spotlights that emit DARKNESS?

    We will say that there is no such thing in nature, and darkness is only the absence of light or an insufficient amount of it. If we turn to physicists, they will fully confirm this fact.

    Also with “evil”. There is no pure evil. Evil appears only when there is a lack or complete absence of good. As for” Satan”, he is only an allegory for the appearance of something that does not exist in nature

  58. The Bible doesn't say that God created the universe, but according to the bible,Satan is God's creation – God's ways are mysterious-and if you translate this into simple language, then a certain being created his own theater for his own entertainment, and we are all dolls and our fate is indifferent to him.Will you be interested in the fate of a doll or car that someone gave you?I think not!And this creature whiles away eternity and naturally it needs something to occupy its consciousness and make a variety of prozibanii in eternity.One consolation is that all the gods are just an invention of people and these mystical beings with their mystical capabilities did not exist, and do not exist.I sometimes even wish that they existed, even though I myself have encountered a phenomenon that I still can't explain to myself.

  59. That would be freedom and the right to choose. The darker the surroundings, the brighter the light. Everything has two sides. The devil is the reverse side of God. What would a person have where and what to strive for?

  60. It's not that simple. According to Islam, Iblis is a genie who, after most of the jinn were destroyed, was taken away by angels as a child. He grew up among them in the worship of Allah. When Allah created man and ordered the angels to bow down before him, Iblis became proud and was cursed. This is all in a very concise form

  61. God did not create Satan( much less Satan) – He created an Angel who was the best creation of God( archangel) with the greatest glory of God. At some point in time, he began to think highly of himself, and to the extent that he began to admire himself, to be proud of himself, and in the end he swung at equality with Himself.. From that moment on, he became Satan-Satan (from the Hebrew שָׂטָן śāṭān, aram.שִׂטְנָא sāṭānā, geez śayṭān – “Satan (a) — – “opponent“, — slanderer”. Therefore, Satan essentially created himself at the moment when he began his” ascent ” down.�

    44 Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he did not stand in the truth, for the truth is not in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    (John 8: 44)

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