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  1. The Buddha in deep meditation discovered that all objects or other forms(everything that is detected by our 5 organs like eyes, ears, smell, touch and taste (tongue) initially and ultimately consist of emptiness, as the source of all creation, which are created and detected by consciousness or mind. Emptiness, it is not empty at all, it is alive and blissful, and it cannot be described in words, but only indicated. The visible world is just a reflection of the void, like the moon's reflection in water. It's like turning on a light bulb in a dark room and we see shapes. Emptiness or obsalut this is our true nature, which was before birth, is and will be after death, we are not only the body but also space as a whole. Scientists explain this as consciousness (energy), with the help of particles creates a form and destroys at the same time. This is the only way to create a balance between Yin and Yang. This visible world is made up of opposites, both manifest and unmanifested.

  2. There is a book called the Heart Sutra. Everything is described in detail there. From myself, I will only add my understanding of this. Everything is not inherently self-sufficient. That is, everything depends on something, whether it is an object or an emotion. This is easy to check by going back to the beginning (core, core, middle). So, for example, a cup is itself when it serves as a cup. Outside of that , it's a piece of clay. Clay in itself is useless, until it is not invented application. The meaning of the cup disappears if it becomes unnecessary. So, the cup itself is not a cup. The meaning of the cup is meaningless to her. So we have come to the void.

    For humans, this works exactly the same way, but the path is slightly longer. When you ask yourself a question about your Self, you always say I am Me. But what does this Me really mean? What do you identify with Me? With your body, mind, intellect, name, soul? There is such a thought experiment. Would you like to have a more enlightened mind than you are now? Or would you like to have a more advanced intelligence than you currently have? Or maybe a more advanced and pumped-up body? If so, if it were possible to exchange your intelligence, mind, or body for a more advanced one, would you agree? Rather, yes, of course we would agree. Who doesn't want to be better than what they have. However, here lies the answer. If you identified your body, mind, and intellect with your Self, then you would not agree to the exchange in principle. For this reason, both a person and even his Ego are empty in itself and for itself. It is a void that has a form.

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