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  1. CIVILIZATION creates a little with one hand, and destroys a lot with the other.

    THE MAIN REASON for negative destruction is a very low moral culture, which has always been the cause of the rapid collapse of empires and the destinies of people-this is the main PRINCIPLE of the great thinker-science fiction writer Efremov and other great thinkers.

    MEDICINE – with the growth of the level of moral culture, the level of destructive activity of man and civilization decreases.

  2. Oddly enough, the word “meaning” can have different meanings.

    And the meaning you use is clearly not the most commonly used one.


    Many people, judging by the answers, do not know him at all. What should I confess?..

  3. Who said that? What is the opinion of the person who said this based on?

    Why should we admit to ourselves what someone said? And who are we?)

    In general, it is at least bad form to pass off someone's subjective opinion as the ultimate truth, and even be surprised that no one recognizes this deeply subjective truth)

  4. We do not admit this to ourselves for the simple reason that it is not true. Inconsistency with reality may be of the following nature

    • lies
    • misconceptions
    • aberrations
    • idle talk

    The choice is yours…

  5. Why don't we admit it?. For example, I admit and admit that this is actually the case.

    However, in life it is like being in a school together with a kindergarten and a higher educational institution. For this reason, because of the acquired knowledge, all people in understanding differ from each other.

    An alcoholic is only interested in alcohol, despite social and family morals. It would be foolish to arouse his interest in higher mathematics or in the far reaches of space.

    Regarding the topic:

    The global meaning of man “Humanity” is not the destruction, but the creation of each individual person, i.e., of himself in the collective form of Being.

    For this purpose, Land is used, with all the ensuing consequences. If one place is empty, then the other is full and this is a pattern. Using the Earth to their advantage, a person” Humanity ” forms itself by adapting to changing living conditions.

    One day, the Earth will end its existence as a planet on which the consciousness of each individual human community developed in the form of protein life and will become desolate, lifeless like Venus, Mars…

    Man “Humanity” maturing like a seed will be born at the new Dawn of Manvantara in a different form of Being throwing off his clothes (dust).

    How He will look like a “Person” then no one knows, but it will be so.

    Basically: the global meaning of wheat grain is to break down (sprout) and man is no exception.

  6. Well, here you probably need to write a little differently so that this is true:

    It seems to me that the meaning of other people's existence is to ruin my life!

    If you take this step, it's not far from here to the next step:

    I am sure that humanity should be arranged not as it is arranged, but as I understand in my thoughts: people should be kind, merciful, understanding and accepting, and not as they are – indifferent, selfish and coldly evil when you ask them for very little!

    And there is not far to the next step to understand this life and go through all 4 stages of life acceptance as quickly as possible: aggression, bargaining, despair…

  7. Speaking about many things, a person often talks about himself and his attitude to …(to everything: to the world, to others, and to yourself, too). And we bring meaning to our own lives, or lack of it.

  8. The first sentence of the question gives the right to the existence of the second.

    The first statement is absolutely groundless and is based on the same feelings that we feel to the dentist when he drills us without anesthesia. ( That is, the patient feels only pain and cannot have the good idea that this pain will eventually cure his tooth.)

    If we can't prove the former, then the latter is meaningless.

  9. Global Meaning-Evolution.

    Being born, we are focused on Involution, Entropy, degradation, destruction, relying on the family, the animal in us.

    The freedom of Choice that one in millions includes evolves by connecting with like-minded people.

    This is absolutely enough.

    The choice begins with the recognition that relationships, family, personality, survival, reproduction are at the heart of all conflicts, wars, epidemics, and catastrophes.

  10. DESTRUCTION is not a fault, but a chronic misfortune / disease of civilization.

    THE reason for the destruction is the game of life activity by very bad rules. The players themselves are no longer happy with this game, but the excitement and tradition have gone very far.

    THE CURE is to review and replace the rules of the game – from bad to good.

  11. I have a slightly different idea about the destruction of a person, we have a very high emotional level and in some situations we can easily kill ourselves and half of humanity due to a surge of emotions and if we could then the whole built-in, our destruction is based only on desires, emotions and shades of emotions

  12. No, a person, if you believe philosophical minds, has a completely different purpose. It is precisely created in order that by its existence and <from its human side> it may realize being and the world in such a way that all of it truly corresponds to itself and its essence.

    After all, the concept of essence contains the most harmonious, complete, perfect, i.e. again being (true).

  13. There is an ancient theory about the Cosmic Evolution of Mankind. Here on Earth it goes through one of the stages of this Evolution. And there is no point in talking about a certain meaning. It does not depend on us and we do not direct and manage it. The trouble is, there are no people who can teach you how to walk through the Earth. And the person is at a dead end, but, apparently, this is also necessary for his development. There are so many questions about life on Earth-so, subconsciously, a person wants to know about the meaning of his appearance here!

  14. They took it too globally). A person is primarily a creator, but sometimes, in order to create something, it is necessary to destroy something, Even at the domestic level, to make a salad, you will have to crumble a tomato. And in more serious matters.

    But it is wrong, of course, not to recognize the average person's enthusiasm for themselves and their current problems, which prevents them from finding the least destructive ways to solve global problems for Nature. Fortunately, many people have been talking about this for a long time, literally trumpeting it, the public has long agreed with the optimization of human creativity in favor of supporting ecosystems, and many people are making efforts to restore the ruined (including launching destructive processes again)))

    Unfortunately, the link to financial systems and the fear of being left behind all pushes many people to destroy, this is also impossible not to admit. But this is definitely not the global meaning of humanity (although sometimes a global process of destruction)

  15. Hello! I will try to answer from the point of view of the Vedas. The human form of life has a very deep and intimate design. Only in the human body (and other humanoid races) can one find the meaning of life and permanently solve problems with birth, disease, senile infirmity and death. Animals are not given the opportunity to ask questions and reflect on the meaning of being. Their destiny is to be at the mercy of their instincts: eat, sleep, copulate and fight for the opportunity to do all this.

    The deeper idea is that simple human relationships are very attractive to God. For him, loyalty, friendship, parental care and romantic love are much more attractive than fear, adoration and awe. Because such feelings create a gap between Him and living beings. In such relationships, sentient beings are too far removed from God and therefore cannot understand His heart's desires and therefore are not able to fulfill them. Human relationships are so attractive that He descends into the world of people, accepts the laws of their life and lives among people. This phenomenon is called naravata-lila, human-like pastimes, in the Vedas.

    Everything in this world has a purpose and a higher meaning. Man is created in the image and likeness of God. This means that the original image of God has two legs, two arms, two eyes, and so on.

    About the destruction. A person has a choice, he can either create beauty, or destroy it by exploiting it. God's plan is for people to learn His rules of the game-to create beauty.

  16. The global meaning of a person is to gain experience, including destruction. Some destroy, others oppose and create. One thing is not a hindrance to the other, just a process.

  17. Most of what humanity creates is the destruction of what was already created before it.

    The industrialization of society is the destroyer of the previously created nature (or created by someone in the form of the surrounding nature).

    He deliberately avoided theism, so as not to incur the annoyance of believers and their opponents.

  18. in fact, if the universe were intelligent (why not), then it would realize that it is waiting for an inevitable “heat death” from constantly increasing entropy. So living beings, and especially intelligent ones, are the only things that can reduce the entropy of the universe, delaying the approach of its heat death. (don't take it seriously, I'm not drunk or crazy, just kidding)

  19. It's a bit crazy. rather, the global meaning of the appearance of a person is similar to the meaning of the existence of a separate cell in the sample matrix of a biochemist – you probably saw this in any medical laboratory-when hundreds of test tubes are arranged in a rectangular matrix in one rack, and each has its own set of parameters, and some of them give a positive sample and some that is, the global meaning of a person is not in destruction, but in search (of viable options).

  20. Before the beginning of the era of consumption, the meaning of the appearance of man was in development and creation. Humanity has spent its entire history inventing and creating something.
    Now we consume and use all that we have achieved.
    In what and when did humanity show itself as a destroyer? In wars? So any war gives an impetus to the development of everything from trade to medicine and science. In ecology? So it does not harm the planet, it harms us. The planet as an astronomical object does not care absolutely what we are doing here.
    Subterranean thoughts and meanings in the minds of people who are narrow-minded and very limited. Such people are called pessimists and misanthropes.

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