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  1. The meaning of life is in the process itself. In my personal opinion, there is nothing sacred or complex and mysterious in life. Yes, this is an exciting adventure, a cool game with many options and settings, which gives out the most exciting stories. But if you exaggerate, you need to die happy. That's the whole point.

  2. You can talk about the meaning of something if the object is created by someone's work or by someone's will. If you believe in a god, a higher intelligence, or some other demiurge, you can fantasize about what purpose he pursued.

    If a person is a product of nature, you will have to admit that there is no purpose or meaning in human life. We can only talk about the goals that man himself, being a rational being, sets for himself. And they are infinitely diverse.

  3. I would like to give my brief answer to this interesting and tormenting question. So what is the meaning of life? No, I will disappoint you, there is no single and universal meaning of life for everyone and it does not have to exist, because only the person himself and no one else gives meaning to life. If you fall into primitivism, then the meaning of life can be seen in the satisfaction of basic (instinctive) human needs. But all the same, the meaning of your life will be exactly what you think up for yourself.

  4. The meaning of life is to be selfish,i.e. to satisfy your needs.

    And now I will prove it.

    There is not a single action in this world that a person would not do for his own sake, even the most noble ones, just think about it.

    Have you ever given change to beggars?

    Let's say yes, and if it seems to you that you did it not for yourself,then you are mistaken,if you did not give a small change in this situation,then your conscience would torment you all day,the person is bad, you had money, but you did not help and in order not to torment your beloved all day, you commit this supposedly noble act.

    Any situation, whether it's getting an education, helping someone, etc., is just meeting your needs.

    Bottom line: the meaning of life is to satisfy your needs for the rest of your life,because you will be happy only when your needs are met to the maximum.

  5. You can put the question in another way:” What should I do?”and think about it. After all, life is given so that it is not easy to spend it pointlessly, but to find a business to your liking that will open up that very meaning for you .

  6. The meaning of life is this: there is a segment from the point “A”(birth) to the point “B”(death).

    During the movement from point ” A “to point “B”, you need to somehow occupy yourself.�
    It can be anything: alcohol, science, drugs, music, jokes, wife, kids, religion, 666, coffee, movies, guns, crying/laughing, tantrums, cars, peach juice, etc.

    It's up to you to decide what to use the time until you get to point “B”.

    ps: and if it was not a segment, but a ray? But that's a different story altogether.
    ps2: never give up.

  7. Unfortunately not my quote, but I fully support this dictum.

    Life has no meaning. Meaning is always not freedom. Meaning is a rigid framework in which we push each other. We say that the meaning is in money. We say-the meaning is in love. We say that the meaning is in faith. But all this is just a framework. There is no meaning in life – and this is its highest meaning and highest value. There is no finale in life that you must reach – and that is more important than a thousand invented meanings.

    Sergey Lukyanenko “Spectrum”

  8. Learn, manifest, and give good. The most interesting thing in life is to learn new things, new things are interesting to everyone and therefore make sense. To manifest is the meaning of everyone in my opinion, because every step we take is a manifestation – to promote our Self. And of course, to give good. For what? For the fact that we were given the benefit of life.

  9. The most important thing is that in the search for the meaning of life, you do not forget to live. Enjoy the present moment, be happy, and live with your heart instead of your mind.

  10. I think so. Having achieved something, the value of waiting is lost. And the stronger the goal, the stronger these expectations are. Whether you want to see someone and look forward to it all week, and then you see it and everything passes, or you are looking for the meaning of life, find it and…emptiness. It remains simply to exist

  11. There is no meaning, everyone gives meaning to this life. But I know one thing, we are in this world to LIVE, not to exist, namely to LIVE, to enjoy every moment, no one knows how much we are allotted. And if you look at nature, then perhaps the point is in development, all living things strive for development, even the universe itself is constantly expanding.

  12. For me, the answer is very close to this quote from the famous work of the Strugatsky brothers:

    .. The labor laws were violated maliciously, and I felt that I had lost all desire to fight these violations, because here at twelve o'clock on New Year's Eve, breaking through the blizzard, people came who were more interested in finishing or starting again some useful business than choking themselves with vodka, pointlessly kicking their feet, playing forfeits and flirting with various degrees of ease. People came here who were more comfortable with each other than apart, who hated all kinds of Sundays because they were bored on Sunday. Magicians, People with a capital letter, and their motto was ” Monday begins on Saturday.” Yes, they knew a few spells, they could turn water into wine, and each of them could easily feed a thousand people with five loaves of bread. But that wasn't why they were magicians. It was the husk, the exterior. They were magicians because they knew so much, so much that quantity finally turned into quality, and they had a different relationship with the world than ordinary people. They worked at the institute, which dealt primarily with the problems of human happiness and the meaning of human life, but even among them, no one knew exactly what happiness is and what exactly the meaning of life is. And they accepted the working hypothesis that happiness is in the continuous knowledge of the unknown and the meaning of life is in the same. Every person is a magician at heart, but he becomes a magician only when he begins to think less about himself and more about others, when it becomes more interesting for him to work than to have fun in the old sense of the word. And perhaps their working hypothesis was not far from the truth, because just as work turned a monkey into a man, so the absence of work in a much shorter time turns a man into a monkey…

  13. To begin with, it would be nice to determine what is the basis of your confidence that the meaning of life is a meaningful concept, sorry for the tautology. That is, where did the idea of life as something that has some meaning come from? For example, the question rarely arises, ” what is the meaning of a tree?” Or, “what's the point of gravity”? We usually mean that these phenomena exist and do not need any sense outside of themselves.

    I assume that if you can answer the question about the source of the feeling that life has meaning or needs meaning, then it will be easier to deal with the question of what exactly this meaning may be. Here, over the years of its existence, philosophy has accumulated developments for every taste.

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