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  1. Unfortunately, this “time for yourself” is not entirely true. It is important to keep in mind that we serve capitalism not only when we work strictly set hours under an employment contract. We also consume for the benefit of the capitalist. All modern services, social networks, etc. are a continuation of our service to the capitalist.

    So we didn't have any more time for ourselves. It only seems so. On the contrary, we are now serving more than people did 100 years ago. Previously, people with a 16-hour working day had a real 8 hours of “doing nothing” (in the sense that a person did not consume “the benefits of civilization”). Now people are ready to spend half the night to watch the show.

    Listen againSociety of the 50s and modern: compare, where I tell you that over the past 70 years, society has changed little.

  2. New technologies are a way to manage people. In fact, our gadget is a remote control for us. Through it, we broadcast news, advertising, and are drawn into the information space more and more. People are being zombified. People ignore their own lives. And such people are much easier to manage-in a global political sense.

    At the same time, if a person uses access to information not as a well that devours time, but as an assistant, then he becomes more efficient in life, more successful. But these are units. The hardest fight is the fight with yourself.

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