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  1. The emotional message of a quote can certainly inspire, but if you try to analyze it, the following becomes clear. Excitement is given by some fictitious problems. Those that actually do not greatly threaten the current way of life of a person, and even more so herself. It's funny that in the same gambling games, at the moment when the problem begins to take on the character of a real one, the excitement is replaced by addiction and, in general, a rather painful experience of what is happening.

    In principle, you can imagine various ironic situations when using the phrase that problems are a reward. For example, when the boss explains to a subordinate why there will be no salary this month, etc.

  2. The problem is just a name that we give or do not give to the events that occur in our lives. And whether or not to experience a sense of excitement from these events is also a choice, or at least a psychological inclination of an individual.

    I would say something else. Life circumstances that we can call difficult or crisis may well be the beginning of a new stage of human maturity, a different awareness of oneself and the world. And if you have passed at least a couple of such periods in your life and got out of them safely, then most likely you will react to the next one, if not with excitement, then with an exciting and pleasant expectation of a new yourself.

  3. It turns out that a problem-free life is boring and generally looks like an existence. Some Greek stoics or skeptics would argue with you about this. Or maybe they wouldn't, I'm not sure they would care at all, given, for example, the commitment of the former to fatalism, and the latter to ataraxia (complete mental equanimity).
    The very wording of the question does not lead to any sensible conclusions, because it is either an attempt to find something good where it seems to be impossible, or a phrase from some melodrama, or the second superimposed on the first. Well, try yourself (at least mentally) to raise the problem to the absolute by solving it for a long time. Or multiply this problem to a whole problem complex in the same way. Will your life become more adventurous? Hardly. Problems need to be solved, not rewarded. Otherwise, the problem of the quality of Russian roads is a reward for the Russian car industry, which gives it the excitement to create an unkillable car suspension.

  4. The problem itself does not add to the excitement of life, but only causes inconvenience. Here is the search for its solution yes, it can add a twinkle to the routine. If someone needs problems for their well-being, then this is, after all, a psychological problem, and not a reason to philosophize.

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