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  1. The question is absurd beyond anything else. See for yourself:

    Purpose of semolina porridge. Why did semolina porridge get carbohydrates?

    Purpose of the zipper. Why did lightning get electricity?

    The purpose of verbs. Why did verbs get consonants?

    Etc. Substitute a bundle of any item and its attribute in the template, and you will almost certainly get the same nonsense, except when:

    1. At least in principle, an object has a “purpose”, that is, the object is more or less artificial. For example, semolina porridge or verbs have it, lightning or a person does not.
    2. An object can “receive” an attribute that defines it, that is, something without which this object exists in nature. But no one puts carbohydrates in semolina porridge, and there is no lightning without electricity.
      Now, if you asked something like ” The purpose of the axe. Why did the axe get the butt?”, would be a completely different conversation.
  2. we are in the realm of forms, and in addition to the realm of forms, there is also the realm of the sensuous, which is lower, and the realm without forms, which is higher, and even higher – Nirvana.

    the body is a part of consciousness. it requires a careful attitude and love. this shell is temporary. it passes through a chain of unprecedented transformations, polymorphisms, which can be roughly and fluently expressed in the analogy of a snake shedding its skin every year, or better yet a polymorphism-egg/caterpillar/pupa/butterfly, an approximate analogy in the animal world. only in the case of consciousness is the process more complex and involves the structure of the mind. in fact, after each respawn (conditionally), the mind is formatted, the skandhas (constituent elements) are broken up, while at the same time only chitta remains, which is similar to something like �one cluster of consciousness, this cluster falls into a supercluster and becomes its constituent part. In Buddhism, it is called Chittosana or “continuum of mind”. the memory of each past life and all forming connections is erased, the system is formatted. so somewhere in there, the database stores everything about our incarnations, piles up like a kaleidoscope of all our personalities, to crack this system (to remember) you need to get into very deep layers. in the darkened state, this is not available to us.

    in fact, there is no purpose at all. there are just certain karmic circumstances that have developed.

    “if you want to know what you were like in your past life, look at yourself now. if you want to know what you'll be like in the next one, look at yourself again now.”�

    from the circumstances that have developed in front of us, some of us are sick, some of us are weak, some of us have a family and family ties that are painful, some of us have healthy, pleasant connections, but everything is due to our karmic sanskaras (karmic imprints). we are all in a tight formation, like termite larvae, in the same reality. in the realm of forms, where we are, desires have a great power over us, and violent currents revolve around us, obscuring our consciousness, our clear vision of reality. the main force of these streams is to blunt our efforts, to make us think that everything is really beautiful and the dream of illusion is a sweet nectar, nothing should change and everything should go just like that. but we can completely weaken these flows, and then completely level them out, in order to gain a real vision of the nature of all phenomena of phenomena. then we will become truly free, and we will enter the sphere without forms, a step higher, a decent step… Nirvana might not be far away…

    in all this variety of conditions, some of which pull us down, some of which pull us up, there is no one who would give us something or deprive us of something. no determinism. no creationism. the whole situation before us now, with all the circumstances of our life, is not accidental and is the result of our actions, intentions and thoughts. in the very long run. +global factors that do not depend on us, whose process is impersonal. if we have good health, this does not mean that there is a certain lender who gave it to us, it belongs only to us, and it is up to us to decide how to dispose of it (I suggest wisely). nor does it belong to our father who conceived us. if we have excellent conditions of birth-wealth, prosperity-this is not fate and the Creator did not give us, it belongs to us, we formed it ourselves. therefore, no one expects or demands anything from us, and we are not accountable to anyone, and our best motivator for development is a reasonable understanding of the benefits formed from understanding the false and true prerequisites for happiness. but not fear of any higher wrathful entity. happiness is directly related to a fine understanding of morals/ethics/morals, not tainted by selfish speculation. happiness is that we do not suffer and manage our lives. true prerequisites for happiness are everything that strengthens us in peace, stability of consciousness, false are everything that somehow irritates our nervous system, destroys us. everyone has their own ways and means of implementation in each individual field. they form an all-encompassing thought… uh, metaphorically speaking… an untrodden plateau. to achieve the final result, it is actually necessary to get the maximum implementation in all possible paths and roles, which affects huge periods of time. in this regard, the view that one human life will be enough looks profane. you can speed up and direct the process yourself.

    the formula for going to Nirvana is something like this:

    “Birth is annihilated, [the practice of] the exalted life is completed, all that should have been done is accomplished, there will be no further state.”

    so roughly understood? at the very least, roughly, generically, in general terms, something has become clear, right?

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