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  1. Whether it is worth answering an anonymous question is rather determined by the topic, content, form of the question, or rather the interest, relevance, etc.of these characteristics of the question for the respondent. The anonymity of the questioner is a second matter here and may be explained by these circumstances, or may not fit into them, be more interesting or trivial than them. If you are interesting or smart (i.e. we may complain that because of the anonymity of the questioner, we did not manage to understand it better/more deeply, but we will not deny ourselves the pleasure of reflecting on the topic asked by answering it. By and large, when we enter into a free discussion, we answer not to the questioner, but to ourselves, but through this questioner, whether we name or not he is nameless.

    It is sadder (and more relevant for conscientious users of TheQuestion) that the characteristics of questions named by Taras (and the list here is far from exhaustive) are inherent in a large (and constantly growing) array of questions that are not literally anonymous, but… impersonal ones. There are also “provocative and offensive” questions, the authors of which understand and realize that they ask them not in order to find an interlocutor, but in order to “louder”, i.e. more brazenly declare themselves, fluff up their virtual tail and… hide the inner emptiness behind it. There are also “stupid” questions, the authors of which do not bother not only to formulate the question initially for themselves and then correlate it with the topic they are referring to (or even better, ask for the answer by searching for similar questions from their predecessors), but even correctly formalize it using spelling rules. There are also questions that are “not hard-won” and therefore not particularly interested in the answers: for example, questions from weak students and students who knock down ready-made answers-handouts for exam questions. Or (my observation) questions, the authors of which only once (with a similar question) register on TheQuestion site (and for this – in FB and VK) after doing their “small business” (supporting the formal rating of sites) disappear into oblivion… There are also questions of a frankly custom nature (used to promote candidates in elections) and others.

    Thank you to those who finished reading it! Good and not anonymous questions to all! 🙂

  2. You are absolutely right about a very large number of such questions. But there are questions that a person under his own name is simply uncomfortable (ashamed) to ask. He just doesn't want anyone to know that he's interested in answering that question. Therefore, when deciding whether to answer a question or not, it is necessary to proceed from how stupid the question is (provocative, offensive), and not on whether an anonymous person asked it or a user under their own name.

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