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  1. The answer is simple: someone created it. The energy of the Sun created all living things on Earth. For the formation of living things, the material on earth is water and other elements. Chicken and egg was neither the first nor the second. Before the formation of a chicken, many many years must pass. For example initially microbes were formed, etc.

  2. It is worth specifying which egg, because this form of gestation appeared in reptiles, when birds, which is a chicken, were not even mentioned. If the egg is a hen's, then the hen appeared first: who, if not her, to demolish it

  3. Chicken and egg, which is more primary?

    Question: what is the primary egg or chicken? The answer is elementary. Let's Apply The Logic. There are two banal logical operations: “OR”, “AND”.

    So there are two options:

    1st answer: Either the egg is more primary than the chicken, or the chicken is more primary than the egg. Everyone in the response is floundering and can't resolve it. Please note that the answers in this option are linked by the logical “OR” operation. It turns out that no matter how hard you try, you can't get out with the help of an operation OR an answer.

    Then we move on to the second option.

    2nd answer option. Let's try to find a question for the logical function And. That is, first we will practice on a simple example. Here it is.

    Who is the child, a little boy or a little girl? The answer is obvious: both the boy and the girl are children. Here is a variant of the answer, where events occur that are related to each other by the logical operation “And” and which exist simultaneously. Like the answer about a little boy and a little girl, we form the answer about a chicken and an egg, which sounds like this.

    The egg may be more primary than the chicken, and the Chicken may be more primary than the egg, depending on which point of the report the questioner chooses. The answer point can be between chicken and egg, or between egg and chicken. In other words, events occur that are related to each other by the logical operation ” And ” and exist in the order determined by the choice of the report point.

    This will be the answer to your logic puzzle about a chicken and an egg.

    If I'm wrong, pinch yourself and wake up to our reality. Something like this

  4. Primary egg from the point of view of evolution. Because the office animal was almost a chicken, laid an egg. And from the egg hatched a modern hen (perhaps not one, but a whole brood from a clutch of eggs) and began to actively reproduce.

  5. Chicken. An egg wouldn't have been able to survive long enough to hatch into a chick if it hadn't been for a caring mother hen.) I always reasoned that way when I saw this question.

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