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  1. all objects, people with whom we have relationships are our personality ,the problem that can make us lose our temper should be one that will be beyond the capabilities of all our connections(for example, there are no friends who will help). As a result ,if there is a problem that pisses us off , and we do not know how to solve it , then it is beyond the boundaries of our personality.In this case, our personality does not have relationships with people and objects necessary to solve this problem. The problem is behind our fence in an uncharted, dark forest. If you take an example: you want to get divorced on an accident, traffic police and bandits in cahoots, the problem will infuriate?even better, if you (in your identity ) do not know the prosecutors, lawyers and superiors of the superiors of these traffic police-nicknames . And if there are any? These friends (as part of your personality) will help you solve this problem, one call will solve 98% of the problem and you will not be divorced. In one case, your personality is not so voluminous, does not contain prosecutors, lawyers, etc., and in the other, it is much more than some cheap divorce.
    Something like this.Hopefully not a very vague description.

  2. Well, for example, someone will get hysterical because they broke a nail, cut it badly, wrote a bad comment to him, the person will break down, maybe even fall into depression and even commit suicide. In short, a small personality. Someone will survive the war, survive the apocalypse, survive all the problems and remain who they are.� Great personality. I hope I explained it clearly

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