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  1. Nietzsche's superman is not subject to other people's values, but is a source of them for himself. But at the same time, he still has values, a person without values at all is a nihilist, and not a superman at all.

    Nietzsche's superman may well be good, but he will be good not because he is told to be so, but because it is his own desire, because that is how he can personally exist as if his life were to be repeated over and over again.

  2. If he “owes” something to someone, then what kind of “Superman” is he?) �

    One of the basic ideas of Nietzsche is the possibility of a person independently determining the criteria of their own behavior, that is, freedom. But, due to the inertia of thinking, it is difficult for most people to accept this principle: they begin to look for “duty” and “duties” in such self-determination, which they could rely on in order not to rely on their own will – this is how you are doing it now) �

    If this principle is even roughly understood by a person, another mental stereotype arises, which was already formulated by Dostoevsky: “If there is no God, then everything is allowed?”

    That is, for the majority, again, the maximum that follows from the idea of absolute freedom is the opportunity to crack an old woman over the head with an axe for money ) Raskolnikov's response to both Nietzsche and Karamazov is the only possible reaction of slave psychology to the idea of responsibility only to oneself.

  3. superman (German ubermensch) – a powerful creature who decided to go to bed early and went to bed early

    There is also a very useful book ” How to control the universe without attracting the attention of paramedics “

  4. I love such questions, where the author formulates the idea in such a way that you won't understand a damn thing))

    About superhumans… I think Nietzsche called for creating your own values.

    this means that his super person could do whatever he wanted, if he thought it was right for him.

  5. This is not a superman, but a pitiful and disenfranchised slave of evil, who has been taught that he is a superman. And, of course, for normal people, he is a scoundrel, a scoundrel, a scoundrel, an ogre

  6. Such concepts as-Superman, Perfect, Ideal, Absolute, etc. Not acceptable to a developing society. They lead society to a dead end or ruin.

  7. Nietzsche's superman is an invention like the Piltdown Man ,one of the most famous hoaxes of the 20th century. They put the skull of one with the jaw of the other and got a new type. )

    Nietzsche plagiarized the idea of a superman from the Gospels – as you know, he was born into a priest's family, knew the texts of the Bible, even liked the image of Christ, etc. However, he did not believe in the Church and said that Christ was the only Christian. In other words, he did not believe in the religious fulfillment of Christ's teaching, but retransformed his idea into a philosophical channel. It is in Christ's teaching that it is said that a natural person is a pitiful sight and that a person needs rebirth, he must become a new person, a new creature, etc. To do this, a person needs God's grace, help from above, and to receive it, you need faith, humility before the Creator, search, etc. So Nietzsche rejected this and came up with another way – this is the iron will of man. Emphasis on strong-willed qualities of a person. How all this ended, I think, was expressed metaphysically in the life of the teacher himself, not in reproach or condemnation, let it be said. But we must be objective.

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