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  1. Forget the word”capitalism”. It does not exist, even if it once did, but today it is a word with zero empirical content. There is no capitalism, no capitalist countries, no capitalists.

    There are many countries with market economies with varying degrees of state influence on market regulation. Bigger, like in our country, or smaller, like in the USA. There are probably some countries with a planned economy, but these non-viable cadavers are either already there, or they are about to be.

    This influence can be predictable , as in China, or unpredictable, as in our country. Predictability is about guarantees, predictability, and stability. Unpredictability is the opposite.

    There are many countries with varying degrees of democratization – low, like in China, high, like in the United States, or extremely low, but pretending to be average, like in our country or in Turkey.

    Where the degree of democratization is high, what is happening is more the result of popular consensus, and where the degree is low, it is less so. Therefore, in Israel or Switzerland, the consensus is that conscription is good, and in the United States – that it is bad. And no one asked you here.

    Capitalism has nothing to do with it at all.

  2. Yes, slavery!Its defenders,however, always smooth it out with the words ” And if the war begins?”In short, they were bullied, they always come up with excuses.The army is the final stage of suppression of “personality” and creativity.And health takes away and kills digestion!!!Musicians,artists, and inventors have NO business being soldiers.But they are being forcibly shoved!REAL slavery.

  3. Slavery, of course!You are made a chain of the system.And all these words that “who will protect the country in the event of war” – this is again an attempt to make you cannon fodder, that is, a resource.It's like a filter or an extra one.Someone will have to do it.The same goes for dirty work.No one would have worked if they hadn't been conscripted by force.

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