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  1. No matter how many biographies I read about Schopenhauer, there are no claims that he was a sexist, but such an opinion could have stemmed from the events of the outbreak of hatred for his mother. In the mother's house, quarrels began about everything, and, most importantly, because of the incompatibility of Arthur and a close friend of his mother's, a certain Georg von Gerstenberg. After many scandals that became city gossip, Arthur was forced to leave his mother's house, and then Weimar. He will never see her again, she will live for about 23 more years, there will only be angry letters between them. Her son reproached her for not liking her father, for betraying his memory. He zealously built a cult of memory and gratitude to his father and emphasized disrespect for his mother. However, thanks to his mother, he became one of the great thinkers of Modern times. In the future, he even loses contact with his sister because of the banker and bills, becomes completely lonely, being an ardent pessimist from the very beginning. It is also known that Schopenhauer had an affair lasting 5 years with Caroline Meudon, whom he greatly respected.

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