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  1. I, Tyler Ivanovich, have been thinking about one thing for a very long time.

    There is such a venerable branch of epistemology as fallibilism, which instructs every conscientious scientist to keep in mind”I may be wrong.” It's two hundred years old.

    And then there is the equally venerable school of scepticism, which commands every worthy man to remain calm and refrain from judging, ” since Pyrrhon is a witness, we can't do anything anyway. It's two thousand years old.

    And I think, Tyler Ivanovich, about the incredible tenacity with which you break down the open door and open America. Is it possible? Or is it impossible?

    Such cases. Another cat paw burned. ­čÖü

  2. Hey, camon! Descartes solved this problem. I think, therefore I exist. I mean, who should think? So it's me.

    The rest of the world and other creatures Yes, we assume there is one. But even if it's just an emulation, a hallucination, whatever, someone is experiencing it. And this is me. So I exist. In one form or another.

  3. Yes´┐Żso´┐Żsomehow, đ▒ĐÇđ░Đé brother´┐ŻPushkin… With´┐Żpoint´┐Żof view´┐Żlogic ´┐Żstatement may´┐Żto be´┐Żor´┐Żtrue,´┐Żor´┐Żabout.´┐ŻEstimated´┐Żit´┐Żwould be´┐Żpoint´┐Żof view´┐Żitem´┐Żdigital´┐Żtechnology with´┐Żthird (Z)-state´┐Żno´┐Żon´┐Żthat´┐Żnot´┐Żinfluence. To´┐Żthe question,, how´┐Żare you?” Those who answer , ” I don't care.”Something like that…

    Good luck and´┐Żsuccess!´┐ŻA smile!

  4. I'm doing pretty well, thank you. A lot of interesting and curious things, difficulties and adventures: I'm going to fly to Italy for a couple of days (I'll brag to you, an old friend, after all). I study at the university, read books, sing songs and watch dreams. I communicate with people I meet along the way, and often their positions and opinions turn out to be very unexpected and interesting. We often discuss all sorts of interesting issues, argue, argue and agree. I often like to listen to their suggestions and have a dialogue with them. But your suggestion, Tyler Ivanovich ÔÇö about some kind of judgment, about the existence of someone else, does not make me either cold or hot, and as I have long learned from personal experience, it is not at all interesting, but rather even annoying, to conduct a dialogue with you. So I won't get involved this time, but I can only wish that you, too, would do something nice and interesting and finally do something more productive.

  5. “We assume that a judgment about your existence is a guess…” Whose judgment, disrespectful TEED?

    1. Yours? Then there is a situation of ” quiet (but annoying) and you are not an expert on schizophrenia, but a schizophrenic: “the tongue talks to the ear about a pimple on the nose and calls the eye to witness.”

    2. Someone else's? “Our” judgment? But it is an assumption not in the sense of conditionality and doubtfulness of its content, but a proposition, i.e. a statement of something/about something in the mind of a reasonable and sane (i.e., either qualified, or at least aware of the lack of their qualifications and therefore accepting the position of an expert) subject-interlocutor. TID, you didn't notice that the respondents (the majority) both here and in other “Your” topics have long been talking not with you, but about you – that is, not with a conscious subject, but about an unconscious subject. You have been gone for a long time and this is not an assumption.´┐Ż

    3. So things are different for everyone, but without you. You're not relevant ­čĄô I.e. You are literally a slacker=Pizdelnik. That's all the business… ­čśü

  6. I don't know where you got this strange suggestion from. Not only am I not here, but I never was. You, too, by the way. And things are normal. Thank you for your interest.

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