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  1. Yes, unfortunately, it is.

    We don't value our health until we get sick. Even with a simple cold, almost everyone probably laments “and why did I go in a thin jacket?” We don't value relationships and family until we break up and everyone is still alive. Many people like to complain about low salaries, an uncomfortable apartment, noisy children, without really thinking at this moment that they are lucky to have a job where this salary is paid, an apartment in which they live, and children, when so many people are being treated for infertility.

    But, to be completely honest, it seems to me that it is quite natural not to appreciate what is available. A person tends to strive for more, for the best. They wouldn't have tried, maybe they would still be inventing the wheel, and not answering questions on the Internet 🙂

  2. We should agree with this statement – people are used to taking what they have as a given.

    You can understand the full value of such things by losing them. For example, we are used to having clean water, affordable food and electricity – if we find ourselves in one of the underdeveloped countries of Africa, where all these things are not available, we immediately realize how much we needed them.

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